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Who's heard of Decred?

Decred is a project being made by some people behind the original Bitcoin project.

I signed up for it a little while ago, and Decred Airdrop is releasing in 8 days! Who else is excited? I personally think this has a lot of potential, how about you guys?

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So another bitcoin blockchain online curreny, or is there something new?

I believe they are going to be using their own blockchain.

No tweaks in the algorith?

I believe Bitcoin normally uses SHA-256?

Decred is using a BLAKE-256 hashing algorithm.

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hmmmm, interresting

Any update on this? Anyone using it?

Caught my attention a few months back. Been mining it when I could. Does not seem like it will be a pump-and-dump kind of coin though. Definitely has potential.

That’s autonomous which is the word they use to describe Central Bank Digital Currency which is not what you think it is. I don’t trust any Bitcoin developers and/or anyone from Blockstream.

I’d be very careful about that. It’s a democratic governance which is not decentralized, it’s democratic which is collectivist, decentralization is where you don’t have any type of collective, you only have peers, individuals.

oh lord we got a bcasher necroing 2 year old threads


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2 year necro

Mmm, nope.