Who's going to LTX?

Who here is going to LTX?

I am! got my tickets day 1, VIP sold out in 2mins while I was checking out. Hoping someone sells their VIP tickets but if not I got the BYOC 2-day pass. + office tour.

Interested to see who here is going, maybe have a level1 meetup.


I wish I could go. This guy is going, and he’s really cool.

You won't find any iPhone parts here but you will find @strangepartscom! We're super excited to have Scotty with us at #LTX2019 in July! pic.twitter.com/qki0jGGshb

— LTX (@LTXexpo) April 10, 2019

Wait, You paid for an office tour? Don’t they make video updates for their office and put them up on Youtube for free?


Tech Jesus just got one and posted it.

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I live in the same city but can’t afford to go.

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Extreme struggles


But when will he get a chance to take a shit in their toilets?!

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Wasn’t the fair like only $25?


If they shipped their office and everything over here to Colorado and assembled it I’d be up for it

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Broke as hell right now.

Tickets still available?
Only $30, but only one day guessing it’s auto usd

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you want to go just one day or two days if you were able? Did you go last year?

Couldn’t go last year. Same issue.

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That’s awsome i didint know Scotty was going to be there big fan of him!

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Yes i did pay for it wasn’t too much, I did have to get 2x tickets but should be quite the experience for my 10y/o niece she’s a big fan as well. anything for her makes it worth it.

As for whether it was worth it it terms of just watching the video, I have some very specific questions for his server room and edding flow. and if Linus gives the tour that realistically the only time you’ll get to converse as there is so many people.

IMO if your going to plan a trip/take the time to go you might as well enjoy the whole thing. Im coming from florida, fist time in canada since i was 2 (so first real time) Im going to be staying 4/5 nights