Who's going to be playing Aliens Colonail Marines?

Like the title states, looking around to find people to play the game with. All of my clan is playing COD BO2, and none of them are interested.


For those who don't know about the game check out the trailer.



Story seems pretty weak, but that's not really the point of the game anyway. I'll probably pick it up once I get some money together. I owe about $350 on my student loans right now though.

I'm debating between the PC and ps3 versions. I know more people on ps3 but I just built my gaming rig and this game looks incredible

Yeah the game trailers look great. I like the concept of the story, I guess will see if it is a weak story or strong; 12 days till launch. But if anyone is getting it for PC/Steam, hit me up if you wanna play. Steam/Saibero

I can already tell you it's a weak story. Ship sends out a distress signal. Other ship goes to investigate. A majority of the marines sent to investigate die, so rather than turning around and going home, they send more marines to their deaths in order to find out what happened when they already know there are aliens crawling all over the place. The story makes no sense, lol.

I can't find your steam profile, btw.

What's yours ill add you, Ok I can see how you think its weak but if they just went home their would be no game to play :(, try saibero


Here's mine: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Martin1988

I tried searching for yours in steam already, but nothing shows up.

My phone app isnt' working on steam I'll add you when I get home.



Well if anyone is looking for co-op players for single player drop me your steam name, and I'll add you.