Who wants to play some Killing Floor?

So lately I started to really get sucked into playing Killing Floor again. However I find that playing with random people that don't know how to work as a team can get a bit irritating, so I'm just wondering if any of you awesome people here would like to join me in a game. 

I'm one of those solo-mode rambo randoms in those games :D

Add me. Cyberdemon531 on steam.

Me and some friends play ALL the time, add me on steam, and I'll drop you an invite sometime!



I play that as well. I'm planning on getting the new DLC for it when I get some money.

Steam: metalheade


If I'm on I'll play.

My Steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/carlosmann by the way to anyone who wants to add me.

I love Killing Floor.. i got all 6's and own a server... anyone wants to play add me on steam im the VanillaGorilla

demo is vunerable when they get close so you have to depend on your teammates to defend you when you are launchin nades