Who the fk would actually buy one of these?

if i were a multi millionaire, sure i would buy one.

But can you bring it on a plane easily, can you take it out and have it running in under a minute? Can you pack it just as fast?

Your paying for size of the whole thing.

Its spendy ya, but if you have the money and need a portable overkill gaming rig with curved screen then bomb there it is.

If I had the money, I would buy this thing used in 3-5 years and add it to the mountain of bygone useless tech. Seriously, if I had the money I would collect shit like this.

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They probably won't even let you have that as a carry on luggage. That thing goes with the checked luggage. I don't fly so I wouldn't know. I'd love to see someone pack that thing in or out in under a minute. Will probably dislocate their shoulder in doing so. I am perfectly happy with my 11in Chromebook that can do everything I need while out and about. At home is where I keep the monsters.

And plug in its 2 power bricks, overclock it, and burn your mini-mansion down.

i probably wouldnt overclock.

you can bring it on, even with it's size

can't play my games, not talking about a work at the coffee shop, talking about a gaming beast for being on the move for 6 months in random places to play games and watch movies for the small amount of down time

Maybe mobile workstation-ish tasks. For video editing while covering conventiones or similar. Asus could replace the 1080s with the Quadro/Tesla or FirePro/RadeonPro equivalent, they might be able to compete with HP and Dell in that segment.

surely they could've of gone with a cleaner looking design. Just looks ugly to me.

Needs more RGB


Even if I was a rich enough to buy it I wouldn't. I still would be careful with money and try to get the best value I could with it. Also with it having a curved display I would be cautious about that as I heard that gaming on a display like that has shown anomalies with games and while they could eventually be worked out I doubt every game out there especially old ones would be fixed to work with it. I would rather just go with a normal screen as I know it will work.

It's a pointless concept for CES... adds a little bit more fuel to consumerism.

I could get that if I wanted to, seeing as how my lab pays for my purchases and I could ask for a new machine. But why would I? There much more portable laptops around with dual 1070s and 1080s, for instance the Sager PW9. The Sager weighs in at 4 kgs, which is still heavy. But it can be carried. 10 kgs+ would probably exceed most airlines' cabin limit, and at 21 inches, there's no way to use it without a desk. Plus, you cannot type on that keyboard without carrying an extra palm-rest around. Put all of that together, and it's more trouble carrying around than a real desktop.


Mf's who have a lot of money to blow. That laptop has better specs then most of everybody's rigs in this thread

This laptop is going to have to be plugged in full time. And the outlet on the airline isn't going to be able to maintain the voltage required to run that ridiculous laptop.

The only reason they make these things is because somebody will buy the few that they make, and it drums up free publicity (e.g. this thread and others like it.)

same guy that bought this

I don't think you can even really consider it that portable of a desktop because of how much it weighs. 19.4lbs... you could literally have a ITX rig and a 23" monitor and it weigh less.

The brand is Acer not Asus.

I actually like it. On other hand all those mac books and "clean looking" laptops look really plain and boring. And computer shouldn't try to look like a fashion accessory.

This is what i used to carry around. http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/qosmio-x300-11w/

17" elephant with power lead was at lest 6Kg. It was excellent while it lasted.

Agreed, I don't like the look of the one in the OP either though, certainly there's a happy medium imo.

I honestly don't understand how anyone could consider this a laptop. This is fucking stupid, with almost no difference to a desktop.

Most people are going to keep it solely on their desk plugged into the wall 24/7, and if they ever do bring it out, they'll bring it to a lan which they attend once a year. It's pointless to buy this; just spend like 3k on a mini itx desktop. It'll have more power, be cheaper, and it won't ever be moved, just like this "laptop".