Who the fk would actually buy one of these?

I'm confused as to the new Asus Predator laptop from CES? Is there a market for this sort of thing? Who are they targeting?
Would YOU buy one if you do/if you had the means to?

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People bought the vw new beetle.



Somebody with more money than I.

I'd think it would be some businessman who wants to game while in flight, but the thing probably sounds like an Atlas V taking off, so it's probably not going to be well received by their fellow passengers.

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Haha throw in a charger and a bag and that's around 10kgs [approx 22 pounds], that would take up most if not all of the hand luggage weight allowance on a flight! I'm sure it would break the fold down tray too haha!


It looks like a 90's nightmare.


You're right. These dudes would likely use it.

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Watching the video,

120 gigahertz refresh rate

So fast!

Digging that song hard

That thing is literally a portable desktop.

Dual 1080s, 5 hard drive slots. curved ultrawide screen, mechanical keyboard.

If I had the moeny, I would buy that. It would be great as long as you think of it as a portable desktop, and not a laptop. The battery life is probably 5 minutes.

Some of the things I have been seeing at CES are niche af... But cool nonetheless.

Also as @Phantom said, pretty sure this think would drop to 50% after the splash screen.

At that price no, with that design no. But a high power 21:9 laptop with built in mech board... Hells yeah.

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At that point just skip the battery and ship it with a portable UPS. They'd at least free up some cooling space that way.

I don't know why this popped into my head...lol

If I was still in my job that had me traveling all the time, was only at my house for a month or so a year, I would be getting one to game and watch movies.

People with more money than sense.

That being said, I'd totally use it as a daily if it was given to me. Just to expensive.

You'd get buff shoulders having to carry it everywhere haha

Already got those ;)

Source: Just got back from the gym doing shoulders and chest.

I know prices for laptops are premium, but to they know what desktop I could build for 9K?
I could build one that destroys lives.

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I hope it kicks off because I'm going to bring to market 4 legs to mount to the bottom of it. $20.