Who switched/are switching to an open source browser after the "NSA" revelations, or even after Firefox announced DRM

Most people probably switched for the first one, but still, maybe the second one effects some very much.

I will continue to use firefox (whom I switched a long time ago) until the DRM gets in, which, since im using nightly, might be soon. Qupzilla seems nice to me, but what about all of you, will/have YOU switched or stay

did/are you going to Chromium,Seamonkey,Arora,K-Melon,Midori?

I don't get the point of switching because of DRM, as it will be optional (like, if you want to use Netflix). 

Trsut me, there's people that crazy aboot that, mostly extreme Free software advocates

Extreme free software advocates by their existence hurt free software more than they do good. I would just ignore them.

I see them a lot considering I go on a ton of FOSS irc chatrooms, but uh on topic, did you switch or were you already on an FOSS browser

have been on firefox for years. the only plug-ins/extensions i use are "reader" and "lastpass" so i think it would be easy for me to switch to another browser if mozilla decides to allow advertising on firefox.

i wasn't aware that there was a DRM issue with firefox on the horizon.

I personally use Chromium and Midori as i'm on linux. 

Firefox or seamonkey is the same difference as truecrypt or realcrypt or chrome and chromium, it's exactly the same, but the alternative leaves out all non-open-source additions.

So just like the linux world switched to libreoffice when openoffice was bought by oracle, or like the linux world switched to mariadb and left mysql behind, linux users will switch to seamonkey without blinking an eye.

I've been on linux since 1996, I don't have flash on my systems, I've never grown used to the "commercial entertainment force-feeding culture". If anything, open source gives you a broader perspective, helps you to sort out priorities, avoids critical mental failures induced by brainwashed marketing concepts.

It'll go automatically, if Firefox would incorporate non-OSS code, the entire linux world will switch to SeaMonkey in 24 hours, Firefox will be thrown out of the repos (Chrome is not in any official repo of a major distro, it's all chromium if even that, because for instance Fedora refuses to incorporate Chromium because the code is - in typical Google tradition - an OSS unworthy rush job without respect for upstream packages), and that will be it, SeaMonkey is already in all of the repos, in less than 24 hours, a non-OSS Firefox will have been erased from the linux universe.

I never cared about software that I use being FOSS, I always choose what I use based on its actual merits. So no, I use Firefox and I will probably won't switch in foreseeable future.

thats sad. :( like it never existed.

I use open-source software because i reject corporate interests being forced upon me via software.

Like many others here said: The loyalty is to the ethical principle of openness, not the software company.

I'm not mad at Mozilla for offering the option

Their "DRM in a bubble" may well be less harmful, compared to people installing the flash-plug-in. If their sandbox layer can't be compromised by the adobe DRM-blob allot of Mainstream users will actually be better off then before.


The political response of not stopping NSA mass surveillance made me realize that the US government had essentially declared the internet as a zone without laws or moral obligations, effectively legitimizing unrestrained copy distribution regardless of intellectual property claims. If human rights don't count, then Anarchy it is.

Even if the NSA hadn't gone rogue, "evil" corporations are reason enough to go open source.


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FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software.

The "Open Source" bit means the source code of the software you are using is publicly available, so there's little chance that it has a backdoor or spying functionality built-in.

The "Free" part doesn't mean that it's free of charge, but that it respects the freedom of the user to adapt, modify and distribute the software as he or she sees fit (as long as they specifically name the copyright holder). That means that because anyone can contribute to the application there will beless bugs than with proprietary software and better functionality.

In conclusion, anyone should care if they are using FOSS software or not. Saying that you don't consider an application being FOSS compliant an advantage is plain ignorant, sorry.

On topic, I switched in a heartbeat to a DRM free linux operating system when I heard about the extend of the NSA spying.

I like the idea of open-source software, but I don't mind using commercial software as long as it works well and comes at a reasonable price. I'll continue to use Firefox because it has good functionality and I like the interface because it is so customizable.

Not me. I can care less if the NSA tracks my online habits. I don't do anything online that raises any flags.

I switched to Chromium, but its so buggy i'll consider waterfox or something similar.

Firefox is still free source. You can just not use services using DRM. At least it will notify in such a case and so it can be easily avoided. 


Its really disappointing that firefox had to do this to stay competitive but not enough to change browser unless the DRM plugins become invasive. And i will not be using any DRM-based services. 

This is exactly what Snowden said people should care about -.- Soon you let NSA or other gov letting to see your bank information etc. Basically cuz what you're doing right now you're telling them "yes sure go ahead read my stuff" you're letting them to read your internet habits and soon they've more and more freedom to read what ever you do. 

So you don't use Valve's Steam client at all?

  1. Holy nerco...Sticks very well with you nick btw...

  2. We are talking about the browser services/plugin. That has nothing to do with Steam, unless steam has a browser plugin i am not aware of...

  3. In general (although irrelevant to the thread) I do not use Steam unless I have no choice. Most of my games I buy from gog.com