Who should I trust to host my website?

I don't really wanna get too deep into it yet, but none the less I'm curious… I remember Logan talking about how most website hosting services are evil… well.. i guess my question is, when i am ready to put my website up, who should i trust to host my site?

Definitely trust no one than yourself. nothing lasts forever it will be best if you can try your best to take control of hosting your own website with your own identity.

Have a nice day. 

I would run my own server if I were you. Get a decent, stable connection, and a half Decent PC, and set up a server. Plenty of guides online. I prefer apachii. Just leave that PC online and connected 24/7.

well then who do i regester a domain with? or how to i do my own?

this might be disliked, but i'm currently using Squarespace.  It's fully automated, but only because i'm really lazy and i just want a site to show my portfolio. It's great and they do full support of all coding if you request for a developer account.  They do allow css code injection if you are using the automated account; though you can email and request for developer anytime.

I asked the exact question which he answered on Inbox.exe 31 or 32(I'm not sure), but if you would like check it's one of the last question the video.

When it comes to hosting it yourself, take a look at Digital Ocean, they got some cheap and fast vps servers, combine that with nginx on top and you'll have yourself a pretty nice setup without much work.

Though, if you're not too comfy with using a shell, DO might be a bit of steep learning curve. Also take a look at Inbox 0031 as Jetix suggested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU8YaoHvjL0