Who plays stalker

so I am not that far... mainly because after the patch killed my saves I haven't played much... however, I'm only on the part where the dude is locked in the stalker camp jail... and I'm supposed to kill his buddies... and I've been walking around for 4 real world days looking for them... anyone know where to find them?

wow... found my answer... seems a lot of people get stuck where I am... no matter what you do the plot won't go forward... and this is not a side quest... everyone online said that they had to revert to an older save and hope that things worked the second time... problem for me is that I don't have an earlier save...

I am really hating this game because of the bugs... one of the most frustrating experiences ever in a game... but I keep playing because the actually game has the potential to be way better than most fps games.

I don't think the bugs are going to ever let me do a review...

its sitting on my cd rack

i got so pissed between the crashes and game saves getting corrupted, i just uninstalled the fucker i honestly have no idea whaqt has happened because it keeps crashing every 3 minutes...




lol, Logan, you mean the military's commander?

Shit, that's in the beginning of the game.

As soon as I got there, you head straight for the arrow and you'll get there.

I have never played this but its been on my list for a while. How is it? i've heard mixed reactions but from what i've seen the environments look very striking and awesome...

yeah that part is rather early on. but i sadly had to uninstall that game so i wouldnt play it anymore. the suffering had to end!

rice, my problem is that there is a bug... and I never get an arrow.... I basically talk to father V and he tells me to go kill the men... then the game gets stuck... nothing happens... I have killed every military person... but no arrow... and the game won't move on to the next part...

lots of people have this problem... and I really don't want to start over... have had to start over twice because of bugs. even if I start over I don't know if it will work... I will just wait for a bug fix.

for anyone that is asking ... the game is awesome... but the bugs are killing me.


lol, the first time i went through the game, the only bugs i had that pissed me off was the 'non accepting deposit' where when you double click on something in your inventory, it won't transfer to the safe deposit, instead you have to manually drag ALL your ammo/guns to the deposit.

if you get stuck due to a non passable bug, just start shooting everyone. it'll trigger a nice little ''mission failed'' and pass you on to the next mission.

yea I got so tired of the bugs and loosing all my guns and armor after patching it, so I said fuck it and just got a trainer and got to the end of the story, i mean i was close anyway but still that's what I would recommend just restart and cheat your way back to the point you were at then play for real. but other then that i would just wait for Fallout 3

clear sky will probably be a good game in like 6 months once patches have fixed the bugs. im probably going to play fallout 3 then maybe later down the road ill give this game a try.

just be glad its not Age of conan, because Funcom released it to retail whole game is still in alpha stage....

Man I know its a good game but its just covered with alot of issues after the patch I stopped playing aswell.