Who plays guitar?

I have been playing guitar for four years now, and learned the skills to play metal in under a year. The genres I play are the genres I listen to, and you might've known which genres I listen to if you've read my threads about it.

I am still practicing sweep picking and tapping arpeggios. String skipping, tremolo picking, hammer-ons/pull-offs, scales, power chords, and melodies are my current skills with guitar.

If you play guitar:

  • What guitar is it? (I have a Jackson DKA Dinky)
  • What amp do you use? (I use a Line 6 Spider IV 30 watt amp I bought for $200 recently)
  • What do you know? (sweep picking, tapping, hammer-ons, etc.)
  • What genres do you play? (Metal, rock, blues, etc.)
  • How long have you been playing?
  • How many guitars do you have? (I have 2 electrics, and two acoustics)
  • Electric or acoustic? 
  • Are you in a band? (I'm not)

Here's a sample of my playing:



Let us talk about guitars for a moment, take a break from the music genre threads and talk about one of the tools that makes metal! \m/

I don't really play anymore so my stuff just collects dust.

I got one of these back before musicians friend started carrying them and the cost went up.


I got one of these used for 300


then I have a egnater rebel 30 combo amp and a few pedals.

Tried to learn to play guitar, but didn't have enough patience to practice enough to actually improve.

So my stuff is in the closet, haven't touched it in a while.


Oh really? I didn't have patience to learn when I had my first guitar, I knew the basic chords and that was it. I watch my friend play his guitar and he's really good. I stared to learn a few scales, look up tablature, and got better, and became more interested. At that time, I got my first electric as a gift (I was born in the mid 1990's, so I was a teen at that point), and when I watch videos on YouTube and a few lessons with my friend, I became a beast. It's amazing how things like that happen, especially when I didn't ask for it. Sorry for the long story, but I just had to tell it lol.

I play bass, although I'm a little out of practice.

I don't play metal that often any more, but playing metal got me into Spanish guitar, which is what I play at home most of the time. I play about 20 minutes every morning to keep in shape and to start my day of with something nice before all hell breaks loose for work. Since I started playing nylon string guitar at home instead of electric, I've almost regained usable fingerprints on my left hand fingertips lol

For gigging (I've been in the same blues/rock cover band for over 10 years, 25-30 gigs per year, mostly in the Carnival week and summer city festivals, no need for any rehearsals, just show-up-and-play, but I also play one evening per month in a blues club, which is mainly improvisation and which is de facto my rehearsal, and two gigs per year in a big band, which is jazz, and which involves attending 4-5 rehearsals per year and a bit of score study and preparation at home), I mainly play US Std Strats and Teles exclusively, through Fender and Marshall tube combos. I also have a mini rig for small club gigs based on a modded Orange tube combo. I have 18 guitars (of which 4 acoustic, 2 nylon strings, a steel-6 and a steel-12, the rest 6-string electrics and a single 4-string bass), 6 amps (I prefer combos for the wider deeper sound over closed back cabinets), two big boxes of effects (that I hardly use, my standard pedalboard is almost always just a Lehle Sunday Driver, a modded original TS-9, a modded Crybaby, a TC Nova Delay and a TU-3 on a pedaltrain) and a bunch of other stuff. I also have a collection of woodwinds (saxophones, flutes, renaissance woodwinds, folk woodwinds), some synths, a drum/percussion kit, and a bass guitar and amp. I only have one "metal" guitar, an LACS RG with EMGs, but I hardly ever play it, although I keep it because I feel I've earned it lol. When I play metal, I mostly use a humbucker'd up tele through my JVM. I just don't like the wide string distance and flat fretboard radius on typical floyd-like superstrats that much, I prefer the traditional vintage-type arrangements with more string resistance and a thicker neck.

I've been playing around fifteen years, although for playing that long I'm nowhere as good as I should be lol. I'm self taught so I've picked up a lot of bad habits (I played with my arm for years instead of my wrist). Also play bass and a little piano, again self taught

I've had a lot of guitars which have come and gone, but the one guitar I refuse to part with is an 80's Korean Squier Strat. It's just such a good guitar. I've played lot's of real strats, and none of them outshine it.

My acoustic is a Yamaha FG700MS. Before I had a Gibson Jumbo but sold it in order to 'downgrade' to the Yamaha because I loved it so much. Again, not a fancy guitar, but I love the tone and the way it plays.

On the electric, I play all kinds of stuff. The Smiths, Van Halen, Slayer, Dinosaur Jr, whatever really. These days though I mainly play the acoustic. I also prefer to write music on the acoustic. I like to write a lot of finger-picking, dis-chordant stuff so I play a hybrid of styles. I make a kind of a Jazz-Classical-Folk-Clusterfuck, and then try and find a melody to string it all together and make it cohesive lol.

I started learning guitar at my school around 2000 when I learned some basic chords and stuff. I was just a little kid and it didn't interest me very much. Not to mention, the teacher kind of sucked and he had too many kids to teach too many instruments so we just pretended to practice but hung out having fun with other instruments instead.

After I watched the movie SChool of rock, I seriously began learning it properly. It was also the time when I was a teenager so my musical tastes had started changing so i was listening to a lot of hard rock and heavy metal. I am nowhere as good as you'd expect someone who is playing for more than 10 years to be. My biggest weakness is I still haven't mastered the notes on the fretboard, and I can't really improvise. Although I have learned many metal songs i feel that creativity is lacking in some aspects. So, yea I can really play stuff from death metal to grunge but I can't create songs or solos. I have a Charvel DK (HSS with Schaller floyd rose) import of something. It's from the early 90s. 

I would love to learn how to play bass guitar. A friend of mine plays bass guitar, and has been playing since Christmas. I'm all out of money to spend on instrument, and I'm currently unemployed. I'm been finding a job since January, and I would like one so I can start making some money again. I have considered some places in my local area, Seattle's a big place, so there's always an opportunity to work.

You sound like someone who enjoys music so much. I don't have EMGs on my guitar, mainly because I'm still debating whether or not I should get Seymour Duncans instead. Also, They're expensive, I have more important things to spend my money on at the moment.

You've been playing guitar longer than most Call of Duty players have been alive lol. Seriously though, that's awesome! I was mostly self-taught as well, never took official lessons (unofficial lessons include internet and my friend who has been playing guitar for around 12 years, he inspired me to play guitar. I've known him for almost 7 years). I have an epiphone acoutsic, and I have no idea what the model is lol. I want a big amp, the ones where a head with over 15 knobs rests on at least one big speaker (head and speakers separate, high wattage), but the good ones can cost up to $2000. Too expensive, not worth it at this moment lol.

My friend played a song called "Thunderhorse" by Dethklok (if you've ever watched Metalocalypse on Adult Swim, then you'll know who they are). He wasn't a good guitar player before, but after he mastered that song, be "broke through" to being one of the best guitar players I've ever seen. It took him some time, but he finally did it. I had similar experiences with some metal songs in the past. I listen to songs carefully, and play it out the way I hear it. It takes practice and patience, from what I've heard. I take scales and riffs from songs I like and play them in any fashion I see fit. Long story short, I got good at the guitar.

I know 5 seconds worth of a Metallica song... that's about it. Never owned a guitar, have messed around with my brother's a few times.

I should get one and learn properly. Seems like fun and would love to have something I can do on my own that doesn't involve a computer or hitting a squash ball against a wall.

I've got a few guitars: Epiphone 60s tribute Les Paul, Chapman ML2, Ibanez RG7321, and Fender Mexican Strat

I use an Orange Tiny Terror for most stuff and a Line 6 POD desktop for heavy stuff

All the basics+ tapping and different types of chugging techniques

Rock, Metal, Blues, Alt

I've played guitar for 2 years, but have played bass for over 7

Don't currently own any acoustics

I also am not currently in a band


I've been playing off and on for the last 10 years but doesn't mean im any good ( im not lol) I used to play as on out let but my stuff has been sitting for the last year or so I hit blocks and cant get past them so i set it down for a bit. I play mostly rock/metal i guess equipment

ibanez s470 has two hum buckers and a single coil in the center kind of the best of both worlds. gave my other electric to my cousin so he could try and learn ( I'm self taught ) dont know much of proper terms for stuff

amps Ive had are a peavey studio 40 I ended up trading for a parts car, fender hot amp 15watt nice sound just not much depth traded for 360 controller so a friend would have an amp for his guitar, for the longest time i had a bunch of effects pluged into a mixer then amped to some very ghetto looking speakers with lots of home made mods for better or worse sound ( aka free shit ). then i saved up enough to get a mesa boogie 100w tube head and half stack that was pretty fucking sweet. put in some ear plugs was so loud it shook everything, good times when i used to live out in the sticks but my roomates in az didnt think it was as cool as i did even the lowest low was to loud for them did a lot of moving from that time and ultimatly ended up selling it, now I have a blackstar 1w tube amp which was awesome when i was travling small great sound ( i like its sound more then the mesa, very impressive) 

i have a epiphone classical guitar and a ibanez acoustic guitar aswell 


if you want to check out some of my incomplete songs go here. some are ok others are good few are without flaws 




Your songs are filled with ambiance and emotion. I like them, they're great! They kinda put me in a state of a clear mind and making me feel kinda relaxed. :)

Guitar: Squier Strat

Amp: Peavy Envoy 110

Techniques: sweeps (crude), tapping, trem/legato, etc.

Genres: Metal, Thrash, Neo-Classica

Playing: 8years? (should be way better lol)

Band: no

this Squier is broken. horrible intonation. it is a $199 guitar. but im glad i have it. I am thinking of getting a custom USA made Carvin DC600 next year. prices for a USA, custom, made to order guitar are outrageously cheap from Carvin.

-neck-thru (5-piece mapleneck/a;der body)

-string-thru body with sunken (routed) tun-o-matic bridge

-graphite nut, black hardware

-depending on what color i choose, either maple/black diamond inlay, or ebony(solid black, no streak)/white dimaond fretboard 

all that with a nirmal paint job would be $1,200-ish. if i want a quilted maple top/headstock with deep triple stain Aquaburst, it goes adds $350. 

here is the latest sample of my playing. more of a thrashy tune.


I listened to your sample. You're badass! I loved it.


You followed the template exactly lol

It sucks that your guitar is broken :(

Are you going to have EMGs or something on your custom guitar? I want EMGs on my guitar. I just now edited this topic with a sound sample of my playing using factory installed passive pickups on my Jackson with my Line 6 amp I mentioned above. If you listen to it, you'll know how it sounds as of now.