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Who of you was able to abandon google?


If using lineageOS the security updates were right up there with pixels if not sooner. Unfortunate that it takes an opensource project that Google is surely not a fan of in order to approach apple/pixel levels of security.


That only gets you patches to open source code that they’ve been provided by Google. That doesn’t cover firmware, phone specific patches, or integrity of the updates (in some cases, not sure about lineageos).

Got to keep that in mind. ROMs might increase the longevity of some android phones to some extent, but dont be fooled into thinking they are just as secure.


I have a business account with all of my phones and lease them on 24 month contracts for myself/family/employees etc.

I pay an extra $5-15 per month for insurance per phone depending on its value with $100 excess to cover replacement if a phone is damaged, lost, broken or stolen.

Data is also pooled so we have TB’s of shared 4G data and I have the option to upgrade each phone every 12 months.

I also claim 100 percent of the cost on tax.

tldr: get a business plan.


I could do it easy…But I would have to keep all my passwords save and usable and a new email.

Im lazy and innocent so far. In time I might get triggered.


I have managed it for my email, search and cloud storage but not for my phone. For email and cloud I have rolled by own. I have never used Chrome OS. For search I flip between startpage and duckduckgo.

I would dearly love to leave Android and cut the last thread but viable options remain unappealing at this time. If a six inch Librem phone became a thing I would jump ship.


really need that calender


i use freetube a great youtube app for having subscriptions and favorite videos with an account


Had never heard of it nice, thanks.