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Who of you was able to abandon google?


Why can I only like this once


I have a server up and I have had to Geo block China and Russia, they are just ludicrous. Also the number ef abuse emails I have had to send to companys because they have a compromised box somewhere its amazing. I should just set up an auto script if you fail login x times send an abuse message.

But its interesting how much scanning is going on


Oh yeah, the second something pops online it will be scanned by all of china, ukraine, middle east, russia, india, and france; and all the bots therein.

God help you if you don’t have a patched box because you’ll be hit by the autosploit bots that just like to fuck shit up.


If the mail server dies its not a massive loss its in a nice little vm in DMZ . Would be nice if companies could pay a little more attention to their mail servers though.


Embrace the antichrist.

My home is smart voice Wiser/Cbus controlled.

My companies use Gsuite among other SaaS product/cloud overlaps from Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Like many of you, I also upgrade my Android Phones every 12 months.

no regrets.


Sure, but not on a Google scale. No one is even going to know my domain exists except for automated scripts. Staying updated eliminates the majority of those types of exploits. The threat model for me hosting my email is nowhere near what it is for Google. Of course you still need some security, but nowhere near the security of a big company that faces actual, organised attempts to break in.


Who’s this “Google” you people keep talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was never that invested into the Google ecosystem, so getting out was relatively easy. I do still use Youtube from time to time, but have no account and take the necessary steps to block their tracking.

At my previous work I had to use Gmail (company policy) even when working from home, so I used a VM with VPN exclusively for work.


Search - 99% DDG, email - Zoho mail, browser - Mozilla, Opera, Ghostery. Now I wish I could find an alternative for YT and Android I would be free from (one of many) Sauron’s Eye…


Android isn’t the problem, it’s Google’s apps that come pre-installed on any phone.
If your phone is supported by Lineage OS, flash that. No more Google spyware. You’ll need f-droid or some other alternative to the Play Store, of course.


the problem with startpage is that it’s still google. So if they monkey with search results because of some agenda (like when they hid protonmail from results) you’re still affected.


Was thinking about it but I’m a bit afraid I’ll brick the phone. Although sooner or later I’m gonna give it a shot.


You should be fine as long as your device is well supported. The biggest deal with dropping GAPPs from the device is losing things like google maps, and every time someone tells to get whatever rewards app; explaining to them that the play store isn’t on your phone and that you did it on purpose is always a hoot. For traditional google services on android they are a few replacements.
Google Maps -> OSMAND+
YouTube -> NewPipe

Newpipe is actually so much better than the youtube app, that I recommend using it even if you have access to youtube already.


It may be google, but its a VPN’d service with an encrypted email service built on BSD. I like them a lot.


I use startpage as my primary search engine, outlook for email, but still use Drive for collaboration for documents. So I haven’t truly escaped Google’s grasp. I also use YouTube a lot, which I don’t think will change anytime soon. I also use an iPhone, but Google Maps.


If you can’t de-google completely you can still do yourself a favour and review and set your account preferences to improve your privacy and reduce how adverts etc. Are targeted at you and how Google tracks your location.

Whilst I am sure Google still keeps that data and just flags it as invisible or not to be shown it does send them a message and should stop them sharing it with partners. I saw a big difference in adverts back when I looked it all down years ago. It does also mean some of the Google stuff stops working as it should, e.g. finding near by restaurants…


FindX shuts down


Tell me more about this email service


Its exactly as I said! Normal email service with data encrypted and logs deleted. If lomeone else has an encryption setup and you have the same shid you can pro ably send encrypted messages. I only paid for 1 month to play with it tho so I’m not a yrofessional on it.


Wanna donate me all of your old phones from the past 4 years? They’re still perfectly usable, and will perform almost identically to things created this year.


Minus the security.