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Who of you was able to abandon google?


I think it’s this. Also, chrome or chromium?

Works in chromium:


I try to use google less, but there’s 15 years worth of mail in my gmail account.

The big sticking points for me are youtube and search though. And a lot of our web-application vendors now are requesting/mandating Google Chrome for official web application support.

Chrome is the new IE it seems.


Note sure what would exally be more worse, using google
or one of those two to be honnest.

Its either Google or Microsoft who is harvesting your data on the internet.
Oh yeah and Facebook of course.
You could choose not to use any of their software and services.
But then there are still many sites that use some form of tracking,
or google adsense etc etc.

But of course it all depends on how litterly people want to take,
abandon google.


I know that the issue with switching emails is more setting up your existing services with your new email, but it is possible to download the existing emails in your Gmail, and import them to a service-agnostic program like Thunderbird, Outlook, or KMail, if you want don’t want to lose them.


if you have a reliable storage solution (good NAS), you could try Mailstore Home to download and archive all that email. You can search through it etc.


Perhaps i should have made it clear; it’s not that i can’t get the email out, it’s that i have 15 years worth of random internet subscriptions, etc. delivered to it; basically: stuff i dont care about so much, but do want to keep access to”.

it’s not that i can’t move it, merely that its a pain in the ass… and i’m too lazy because its “random” junk stuff i don’t care about enough.


While yall were doing that… I decided to embrace google… in an interesting way… I have devices for my stuff I really dont mind google seeing… then I have seperate non related unconnected devices that are hardened for my tinfoil activities that have no account logins that trace to me… So its like… embrace google for personal stuff… if you are worried have separate systems


Like Louis C.K. with an open bathrobe, no way around it, no matter how hard you try




In stead of k9 try type app. So much better interface.
For proton I pay for the service, I also have their VPN. I cant say I have noticed anfzything shady.


If you need a good alternative to duckduckgo try qwant
The results are imo way better then duckduck


Just for some additional info
I need to check why bing is mainly used for, it used to be for image search via their api.


I don’t want to sound ignant but if Duckduckgo is also a “free” service like google doesn’t that mean it’s kinda doing the same thing as google regarding user data?


DDG still makes money from adverts, but your search history etc, can’t be used to make those ads targeted directly at you - or your search history sold/incorporated with other companies.


They sell ad’s on search terms not on your profile. You search for restaurants in blah they show ad’s for restaurants in blah rather than. Our location data has shown you once ate at restaurant x heres ads for similar restaurants.


Unfortunately not yet.
Tried DuckDuckGo for a while, even Ecosia, but the search results don’t tend to be as optimal.
Bing is sorta fine, generaly finds what i want (sometimes even better than all of the others mentioned) but its the same thing as Google, but from Microsoft.




chrome for me.


Ah, well that’s your problem. Google sees you trying to get away and prevents it.


Switching from GMail to another email provider as my primary email (don’t like ProtonMail as they seem somewhat shady, so I either need to experiment with setting my own mail up, or find a better provider)

I’ve been using Mail-In-A-Box and recommend it highly. With one exception, it’s easy to deploy, run, and keep updated.

The “one exception” I would suggest is not using their DNS server. Copy the records to a set of more reliable DNS servers and ignore it.