Who makes the best riser cards with 2 or 3 slots?

I have a pci-e 2.0 motherboard in a 2u chassis with 3 pci card locations. I tried using the flexible pci expander cables but I dont have the room to even bend it.

So, who makes the best riser cards with 2 or 3 slots? Something reliable, this is for a firewall.

PCI or PCIe? There’s quite a difference between those. PCI riser cards are history, you won’t find those anymore (like PCI slots themselves, they are extinct on modern hardware). If the slots are PCIe then you may be in luck, but check Aliexpress, Wish, ebay et all for parts.

Strictly speaking you can design your own (and have it made in China as prototyping) but if you need to ask, you don’t have the skills to do it w/o risking blowing up your hardware.

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Do you have a model number of the machine?

I see a bunch of cards, some come with the metal armature of off-the-shelf servers.

If just a home server / customer case, then maybe some people can chine in whether Dell or HPE or any others are better?

This is an Istarusa D-200 2U system.

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