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Who knows things about netapp shelves?


Hello! recently picked up a netapp ds4243 off ebay noticed it was the same one that was used in the storage solutions video and was wondering if anyone knew about how these work more in depth, i've got it connected to a freenas box and after formatting the disks back to 512 sectors, they work 520 when i got them. the disks show up but the controllers on the back of the unit im curious about.

First there's two controllers on the back, they each have 2 sas ports on the back in the form of XFP ports so there's a total of 4 possible connections, i bought the HBA that originally came with the setup a "PMC-Sierra PM8003" i can find nothing about it on the internet but it has 4 XFP ports on it. i want to set this up for maximum bandwidth as ill be using it with my esxi for virtualization there is no bios for this card at boot and no drivers for anything i can find, it crashed my r610 im using to run freenas on every other os i boot that's not freenas. if i got two more cables (only have two cables right now and both connected the the top controller but only one link light comes on) and connected all ports to the controller would this give me the best possible speed?

Two, there's also two Ethernet ports on the back of each controller that can be chained together so if you had a stack of them you only had to connect 1 Ethernet to the stack, but i connected to my network and never saw it show up on my network under dhcp, i assume since i bought it used it was setup to be static ip address but i don't see a place to connect with serial to change this or even a reset button.

Sorry for the wall of text and bad thought organization but any help or insight would be really appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!


This might be a little help, not sure !


This also !