Who is pistol?

is pistol logan's girlfriend or sister or what?!!!!!!!?!! ANSWER LOGAN IN INBOX.EXE

She is his companion that helps him travel through time and space to prevent misuse of technology.

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It's been a while since we've had one of these..

She's a person. 


Pistol is love, Pistol is life.

Pistol is Pistol. I think you should know the answer to this by now. If you don't, you are never going to.

Oh boy...

Pistol is logan's gun. 

The word "pistol" is often synonymous with the word "handgun". Some handgun experts make a technical distinction that views pistols as a subset of handguns. Sometimes in usage, the term "pistol" refers to a handgun having one chamber integral with the barrel, making pistols distinct from the other main type of handgun, the revolver, which has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers. But UK/Commonwealth usage often does not make this distinction. For example, the official designation of the Webley Mk VI was "Pistol, Revolver, Webley No. 1 Mk VI", and the designation "Pistol No. 2 Mk I" was used to refer to both the Enfield Revolver and the later Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic.

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Pistol is Logan's waifu.  She's not real, he just uses After Effects to 'shop her into some videos.


THIS is Pistol.

Logan is under House arrest from the NSA and Pistol is an Agent to sent to enforce it.

Pistol is an ancient viking GODDESS who was sent to Logan to keep his darkness at a normal level.

Pistol is the Puppetmaster, and Logan is her puppet.Wendell is a binary ghost that befriended them both, and has the ability to take 'visible' form through manipulation of photons on our plane. Qain is but a figment of a dream... a dream that a sentient space cloud had while passing between two pulsars in a galaxy adjacent to ours, but in a different dimension. 

in short, none of this is real.....

Pistol is the the token furry of the group.

By Gee!

What everyone else has said is completely absurd and totally misleading.  Only I have the real answer to your question.  So, you ask, "Who is Pistol?"

Well, sir, you've come to the right place.


A mysterious subject with mysterious roots.  Let me explain to you a little deeper about the roots of this so called "Pistol."

It all started with a man named Nagol.  Nagol was a man who lived in a civil state of manner.  Everything he overlooked was organized in a very specific and elitist fashion.  He felt no love, no empathy, towards anything in the world.  Nagol lived his life, made lots of money by being extremely efficient at his various jobs, and from the outside it looked like he had a very successful life.  As Nagol grew older and older, something in the back of his mind began to bug him.  He had no friends.  He had no wife.  He had no children.  There was no legacy to be passed on; Nagol realized that he was the last of his bloodline.  There was no fun in the world in his eyes.  Work, pay, work pay.  That was all.

He began to search for a place and time to help change his ways.  "It's never too late", he thought.  He had always praised his lord and savior GabeN, and hoped that light would shine down upon him and he would be able to see the true light in life.  Many years passed, but Nagol was diligent and continued his rituals of searching and worshipping of our lord and savior Gabe Newell.

Nagol developed pancreatic cancer.  The best doctors attempted to expel the cancer, but it was no use.  Nagol was ninety year of age, and his body was simply too weak to recover.  The doctors gave him a single month to live.  The clocks ticked as he lied in the hospital, waiting for the time to come.  Nevertheless, throughout the pain and suffering that the pancreatic cancer gave him, Nagol continued his firm belief that his lord and savior would change him.  As the days passed, Nagol fell into deeper and deeper sleeps.  On the 25th day in October, 2130, he entered into a sleep which sent him into a spiritual state.  As he faded into the darkness,  he suddenly was immersed in light.  GabeN appeared before him.  His lord and savior was real.  GabeN gave Nagol a single offer.  "I can grant you this wish," he said.  "I can make you alive again, but in another life; in another world.  Nothing would be the same - and you will not remember this wish when you are transported through time.  Only at the end of your next life will you remember me, my doing, and your current life.  I can grant you this."  Nagol, seeing no better option, said "Yes.  Transport me through your workings of time and place."  And here is where Nagol is reborn, into another person:


Logan was a Kentucky fellow.  He grew up drinking anything from milk to thermal paste.  Ever since he was young, Logan caused lots of trouble.  As he aged into his teens, he met many people who enticed his life with stupid and witty comments.  He was a man of adventure, and caused lots of trouble.  He was on the NSA watch list since he was 6, yet knows know boundaries.  Again, as Nagol did, Logan grew older and older, but never had any close cross-gender relationships.  He felt something was missing.  He was attacked from every angle, as all his other comedian friends, who had partners, all joked about his lack of a partner.  He needed to defend himself.  He began to forge a handgun out of sacred materials.  He pounded metal, sweat, blood, and mysterious powders together to form a material so light and so sacred that the NSA couldn't even see it.  He slowly forged a handgun, crafting every piece so very precisely like how Apple chamfers their iPhones.  The bullets were crafted in a similar fashion, and took days to create.  After a month of work, Logan had created something unreal.  It was out of this world.  The gun was as light as a feather, and could only be seen and used by Logan himself.  He wanted to test this handgun, and once he finished his very first bullet, he loaded it up and went to go see his ex-friends again.

From Logan's perspective, the gun was in plain sight.  The NSA would have come rushing down the driveway to pin Logan down if they had seen what he had created, but the sacred handgun wasn't visible to others.  It was a part of Logan now.  He strolled down out of the forest and found his friends at their usual hang out spot on the school campus.  Again, they laughed and joked at Logan, but this time Logan was ready.  One person named Lotsip made a remark so vulgar and mean that Logan changed his mind about sitting around for a minute or two.  Five seconds later, he was pointing the handgun inches from Lotsip's head.  He then jammed the gun right onto Lotsip's head, and for a moment both he and Lotsip were spiritually connected.  Neural thoughts flowed between Logan and Lotsip.  Logan felt a change in his mind and spirit, and believed Lotsip could feel the same.  Determined to exterminate such a rude and cruel person like Lotsip, he pulled the trigger before any more of the spiritual transfers could persuade him otherwise.  He saw Lotsip instantly disappear, and then he blacked out.

As Logan opened his eyes, he was resting in a hospital bed.  To his left were nurses and doctors scrambling about, realizing that he had awoken.  To his right was a human also laying in a hospital bed.  When he asked what was all the noise, the doctors told him that the NSA found both Logan and the person next to him blacked out in college.  When the NSA brought both of them into the hospital, the doctors hooked them up to their medical equipment, and found that all bodily functions, like heartbeat and brainwaves, were in sync.  Both of them even had a flat heartbeat for a minute, at the exact same time.  Logan looked again at the person laying next to him - it was a woman.  There was no way that was Lotsip - she looked completely opposite.  Lotsip had black skin, but this woman was white.  Then, the woman in the hospital bed awoke.  No, this was definitely not Lotsip.

The woman had no recollection of her past or even her name.  She was extremely confused about where she was.  All her regular bodily functions worked - she could sit up, walk, and speak English.  Her personality wasn't anything like Lotsip's - in fact Logan's first impressions were that this woman was as opposite to Lotsip as could be.  Logan, knowing for a fact that his handgun had interacted with the spiritual and timely dimensions, felt sorry for the poor soul and took care of her.  He told her that her name was Pistol.  After all, his own handgun is what caused the dramatic transformation.  And hence, this is where Pistol emerged.  Pistol became Logan's right hand.  Logan was always reminded of Lotsip every time he saw Pistol, and therefore never attempted any romantic relationships with the woman.  They simply worked together, grew together, and today are now producing content for the mighty TekSyndicate family for all of us to enjoy.


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