Who is logan?

is logan pistol's boyfriend or brother or what?!!!!!!!?!! ANSWER LOGAN IN INBOX.EXE

lol wut

Of all the problems in the world, this is what you care about?

You asked the wrong question. The question should be:

What is Loglan?

I feel like they have already answered this in an older inbox... At least in relation to pistol as that seems to be what you are directing it as. 


Judging by how new this account is I'm assuming it's the same guy.

Forum, you know what to do.

Creeper alert lol!

//Links logans facebook account.


When will people learn to stay out of other peoples private lives. You do not need to know this infomation.

Hijack this thread? OK, I'll start:


Logan, and his dedicated team really do a great job in creating this site, we do not need to intrude into their privacy; be satisfied with Logan's public presence, and not his private life.


*I agree with Alice Liddell, this voyeuristic thread deserves to be 'hijacked'.



The Man, The Myth, The Legend... 

That is about as far as I care to venture into this.

I love these kinds of videos!

Here's another 



That is all



my balls have been really saggy lately.  still velvety soft though.