Who here owns Threadripper?

I’ll be getting mine in the not too distant future. I’m wondering who out there already has either paid/ordered or physically has one :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty interesting platform. This doesn’t happen very often in the computing space…


My Threadripper 1950x shipped today. I will have it next week. It shipped from NJ and I am in Canada so will take a while.

My Asus Zenith Extreme did not ship, but they assured me it would ship tomorrow.

Doesn’t matter though because my waterblocks are on a slow boat from China so CPU and MB will beat them here. The TR4 wateblock is full coverage and the first to be released by any manufacturer.

Glad I preordered because now newegg is charging $120.00 CAD more than MSRP.


Whats the brand of the Waterblock?


It’s already out of stock on amazon.


They haven’t yet shipped my MB either… newegg Canada

UPDATE: They just billed me. My MB will ship.