Who here likes enterprise content?

I figured I would ask considering how Wendell just posted the mega video(which by the way is really awesome) about their 172TB NAS. I'm curious how many people here are interested in actual enterprise content vs just consumer or hobbyist level things. What really separates enterprise from hobbyist is that enterprise runs with what a company would use real-world, typically has a higher level of support or offered support, regards professional-grade hardware(rack servers and dell optiplexs vs inspirons and custom-built PCs). I could dump a ton of enterprise content and provide a lot of knowledge transfer, but I want to make sure anybody actually cares.

  • I'd love enterprise content
  • I'd hate enterprise content
  • Eh who cares?


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I really enjoy the enterprise stuff. The mainstream gamer-targeted gear can be fun, but I am tired of wading through all the annoying marketing for things that don't matter or are merely aesthetic.

The heavy lifting servers and complex networking of the enterprise interests me far more than the sea of peripherals, though I admittedly don't know much about it.


See, this is what I'd love to show people is enterprise, regardless of knowledge level.

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I'd watch it even though I don't need the knowledge for my job. I enjoy watching it but my business is below the enterprise level.

I need a Wendell esque personality that does YouTube videos on network hardening, pen testing, firewall maintenance, etc. A security guy.


here at the DC we still have 99% of displays being DB15.

Was 100%, I have started the conversion. At least for pc's in the offices, the ones on the floor can stay the way they are.

Thats what my enterprise is lol.

I realy realy enjoy the enterprise side of IT - I try to use the higher end stuff myself (when money allows) and I realy love to see the stuff you normally don't see beaus it costs a fortune .

I go oh! Interested but ah ! The price and i will never get to play with it unless i build it myself.

It depends how obscure it is. Some enterprise tech podcasts go way over my head.
But i think the NAS video hits the right balance of being able to scale to SOHO installations, and is still relevant to home users.

More so than "I made a NAS from 500 PCIE SSDs" or whatever, which is more on the sports entertainment scale.

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Personally, I enjoy news, junkyard-build and linux videos more than enterprise.
But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy enterprise gear at all. Networking is cool.

learning how enterprise does shit actually teaches you some things that can apply to home. I like learning so I never say no to learning.

I love the enterprise content and even if I don't understand quite a bit of what @wendell is saying at times I like the exercise for my brain of trying to figure out what he is saying. Also maybe one day it will click and get me to do things I never expected I'd do. That is an extreme long shot but it still is possible. Also if family or friends (when I finally have some) ever get into this area of work I could at least say I try every so often to understand it. Anyway best of luck to LEVELONETECHS in the future.

I am the only No vote.
I knew I would be a minority, but I think the others like me wouldn't even visit this thread.

It's not that I don't think the subject is interesting. It's that I don't care because it does not apply to me in any way. When they talk about that stuff on the news, I just tune out or take a coffee break while I listen. I'm an engineer and it's still over my head. Not my field of expertise. Maybe I'll learn something by osmosis?

Hell, I even went so far as to install Linux in a VM (first time for both).
Then I realized I have no use for that.

After spending the first two years of my life in the tech space watching Linus peddle out countless cookie-cutter videos about the Latest, most X-treem consumer gear with the flashiest lights, I find enterprise gear far, far, far more interesting. It speaks to my own frugal, no-nonsense tastes - the machines don't have RGB lighting, they don't have the latest Titan graphics cards, they don't have the fastest, biggest gaming monitors hooked up to them, but holy shit, they are kickass at what they're designed for.

It was wendell's video on the Linux channel that prompted me to set up a Fibre Channel storage array in my bedroom xD even though it sounds like a jet engine and sucks power through a fire hose, I love this stuff, and I love watching videos about it.


The thing about the enterprise content is if you scale it down and apply the same principles you can do some really useful stuff that can give huge benefits without breaking the bank, such as setting up a Fibre Channel storage array or in my case have a network based on pfSense in my house that would rival that of a small business.


same, I've got a pfsense router that I cobbled together out of hardware that I just had lying around. Old 40GB hard drive, E5450, old 775 motherboard and a couple of gigabit NICs and I'm all set. It's attached to a 24-port gigabit switch that I picked up in Japan for $10, and I've set up the router I was using previously as a WAP, and it works flawlessly. To save on power, I switch it off whenever I'm out of the house - if I switch it on, it takes less than a minute for the router to be completely set up and off to the races - all I have to do is press the power switch. It's awesome. I could outfit a small apartment building with it, no problem.


Non of the votes are the right option for me. I don't love them, I am not enterprise level, I don't hate them, they are entertaining and knowledgeable content, and I am not meh about them.

I like them to see what's out there beyond the consumer as some of that is occasionally accessable at lower prices and really good. I like to.see how they do things differently and what can be done with them outside of their usual line of work.

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Although I don't get to play with enterprise gear anymore I always enjoy watching content about it even if I have no idea what's going on anymore.

Imho, there can never be enough enterprise content. I'm sure the marketing on enterprise gear and software can be pretty obnoxious at times, though hopefully its not rgb all the way down :P. As a student getting his technology degree i'd love to see more content. My interest in content is that which goes over home lab setups for a price that won't break the bank.

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They're the only high production value channel doing anything close to this kind of content, and I reallly think they should expand into this niche.

The only ones that come within a stone's throw is some of LTT's higher end disguised marketing material, but I don't think that's fully intentional.

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Thanks for the input everyone! I hit a streak of being super busy, but I promise I'll get content up as soon as it's a reasonable possibility for me. I'll probably start with a few videos on best practices, etc, then get into setting up a whole enterprise environment.