Who here is tired of L1 News?

I know “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”. That’s exactly what I do, but the tech/news Ratio isn’t where I’d like it to be. I liked the Thunderbolt video they did on Threadripper. I love the L1 technical videos vs tech tabloids and I wish there were more technical videos compared to news Videos. I think a good ratio would be at least 2:1 tech over news ratio, Ideally 3:1 or better.


I’ll be honest and i’ve said it before, I prefer more in depth news. If the choice was 100 stories in 100 minutes or 10 in 100 minutes id take the latter. The latter unfortunately is much more time consuming to do and I have a feeling this is why it’s not done as often.


I still look forward to the news. I just don’t take it very seriously. Pretty sure they don’t either :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the news. I love the humor. L1 News keeps bringing me back to this forum. I hope they keep it going.


I like both equally. Maybe if they separated the new into it’s own sub-channel like they do with level1linux and level1enterprise, maybe level1news


I would prefer a weekly cadence, there just isn’t much to talk about so often. But if they’re making money on the views, more power to 'em.


As much as I don’t really love the news I can understand why they are doing it…
YouTube still cares about dayli uploads and time watcher, so long dayli videos are no brainer. The news are easy content, and they are actual content…
Not madly in love with them, but still…
I would love more technical content though…
When they review a motherboard they can call @MisteryAngel for vrm analysis and stuff…


I always do “something” listening to the news, usually i play ATS or ETS2 while listening to it.
Not in the same pace i used to when it was once per week, but i try to keep at least 3 eps per week in check, just because i like the commentary.


I forgot to mention my wife likes to watch it too. She appreciates Ryan and Wendel including Krista in the shows and she enjoys listening to Krista’s quips. Come to think of it, Krista makes me chuckle too. :slight_smile:


Personally I adore both, but I am leaning slightly more towards say a 1.5:1 ratio over a 2:1 or higher.

L1 = wizards that battle on unicorns and rainbows.

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You can get quite far in life when not taking things seriously…

I mean, look at Trump :smiley:


Well said, you get a 12/10 for that point.

If we ever get to Linus tech type money. Wendell could hire a crew to do all the content creation and then all he would have to do is read the script in front of the camera. Then we would have a nice mix of different types of content.

On that note, I heard on the news that banks may be more willing to give out business loans to YouTubers.


Another classic commodore256 thread.


TBH I dont particularly care for the news. I usually dont make it through the whole thing. Sometimes its engaging. I might be speaking blasphemy here but I thoroughly enjoyed the old mysterious behind the monitor wendell, where he would talk over my head about things I had no particular interest in.

The rest of the content is pretty good IMO.

The thread ripper video took many months of previous projects which had to happen to get that to work. No way they could release videos that often. The news is a cheap way to keep everybody occupied while they do stuff. Otherwise, they’d only get like maybe 10 videos a year. And they’re no kurzgesagt, so that would kill the channel.


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agreed, its a good way to feed the youtube algorithm so they can stay somewhat relevant.


Yeah, and I’m under the impression that they all have full time jobs. Even though they pull in almost $5.5K a month of Patreon that’s still not enough for four people unless they all lived at the office.


Well they sure as hell arent going to make it with their minecraft gameplay on twitch. /s