Who here has an Antec 900?

because the antec 900 is poroboly the most bestest case evar to exist in the world I wanted to see how many RTW members have one. I will be editing this post with a list of all who own one starting with me

Members with an Antec 900 case:


If you post in this thread you are GAY

(besides me)

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I has one!


I have put the hdd cage fan at the very top and added that optional fan on the cage.

i got the green nvidia one, as well the zalman nvidia cpu cooler

i dont have an antec 900, but i have an antec 1200 :D

seeing as how i cannot edit my first post I guess this is just the place to say if you have an antec 900 lol i wont make a list until later then

I have it. Custom painted.

lookin good green :)


anyone who has a 900 is hay, except Green, because his is badass.

hey I not gay ok?

he said we're hay


Blood... I know :D Hehe...

bumper carts

but the 1200 is in fact not gay!!! :D

i happen to like mine



before the HAF Came out I wanted to do a green theme with the CM Stacker 832 but then the case became extinct. Nice setup though L. King

YEahh, I wanted that case too... I bought a regular 900 instead and bought green fans.

AND painted it all black.

Old pic btw... Its alot more "Managed" now..


I have one aswell. It´s cooling the shit out of my stuff.