Who has started or is a part of a local Electronics Club in their community?

Just wondering if anyone has started or is a part of a local Electronics Club?
Me and my friend decided to start a Club in our community for any kind of electronics hobby we find interesting.
We call our club "Eastern Electronics Club" located in Maryland.
We meet every week and have a LAN party.
Along with a Facebook page for sharing interesting topics and such.
In Maryland on the eastern shore everything is vary spread out and not many tech jobs or people interested in computers or electronics.
So this club was formed more to find more people in our area that are of like minds and have the same interests.
We have grown to a descent sized club and many participating members.
Also we are about to start getting into DND as one of our members is very in to that game.
Myself I have never played so I am vary interested and can't wait to to play. =)

I would like to hear about the other clubs out there and what things goes on in those communities.
Thanks I look forward to hearing your reposes!