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Who else has had a laggy Steam client recently?

Myself and a few others have noticed that on first startup that the client is just a straight up turd. Killing it in Task Manager and restarting it works but why is this happening to begin with?

Anyone else dealing with this or have answers?

Yeah my steam client has been slow as hell to the point where I thought my system was freezing at least the past two days

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Same. I think it’s a client issue. Haven’t seen it be related to sleep state.

Also exiting* no exciting in my original post. Getting an erection doesn’t help my steam client

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Mine was and i had to reinstall the client and that fixed it.

you guys running the mainstream or the beta branches? the mainstream one on my brothers laptop is laggy but my desktop which is on the beta branch isn’t


Join @Codycat and I, be betas!!
It’s cool man

never had lag issues with beta, and surprisingly stable

I’ve been using Steam voice chat recently, until I rolled my own Teamspeak server; it has had some wierd mic issues. Might be attributable to lag.