Who doesn't use NoScript or similar when browsing?

When you go to a website, it doesn’t just load the main site, go download an addon like uBlock Origin (I’ve never tried it but read it tremendously more than NoScript) or AdBlockPlus or whatever they are called now.

This will opem your eyes to the monetization of oyr computer data, and now you can go prevent this nonsense and help reduce your electrical use in the process. The names of each website will still need to be dug but at least the scriots won’t load and no other data will be transferred unless those domains are required to view the content you want to see.


I can’t imagine using any browser without NoScript type functionality. Most websites have like 20 or so scripts my addon blocks, most of them unnecessary for the main function of the website.

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ClearURLs, Decentraleyes, Disconnect, NoScript, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, Forget Me Not… Pi-Hole


I’m using uBlock and Disconnect. Does a pretty good job I think without blocking too much to impact functionality

I would feel bad for blocking ads on small sites or sites I care about, but 99.9% of ads are hot garbage malware, so I don’t feel bad. Fix that and I won’t block

Who doesn’t use NoScript or similar when browsing?

Normies*, alas.

*L1 podcast approved term.

All of the hot singles in my area wont be seeing me if i turn them off /s

I have a pihole running network wide and then further have ublock… i tried no script years ago and found it a tad annoying. I see someone mention ‘disconnect’ might have to check it out

Whenever I see threads like this, I never see Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers / Facebook Container mentioned. I use both (although with the correct config, Multi-Account Containers alone should sufice) but is there a reason I don’t see them mentioned more?

One other thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is uMatrix. An addon by the same person behind uBlock Origin. It’s kind of like NoScript turned up to 11… but it has been deprecated, so I’m trying to move away from it.

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I think all sites are now isolated with their Total Cookie Protection that went default as on last version 98 or so.

I just use UBlock Origins and Flagfox and Darkreader and a password manager plugin. Using too much addons and plugins make you more fingerprintable. If I truly need privacy, I try to use Tor Browser.

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Hey if all are looking for more options and want to support EFF’s work and recognition:

Privacy Badger.

If any domain is found on three separate websites, it’s out! For me I think that’s still too much but I think overall it’s a great way to not disrupt website functions and it’s like an automatic version of noscript but only for trackers!

I don’t use NoScript, its a waste of time for me. I have a set list of sites I go to and rarely deviate from that. Almost all of which are not static and require the dynamic aspect of async javascript to function.

Furthermore, I remember reading that NoScript is EoL as the dev is the same guy from uBlock Origin and the functionality is baked in there already.


Very nice, 1 browser multiple accounts can be signed in. Also what I use to keep my yt algorithm from only suggesting house md clips

I thought that was umatrix?


Same :wink:

ah, a quick google reveals that its either ublock origin + noscript || umatrix.

But some people use all three.

I have used both (not simultaneously). uM was a pain in the ass to say the least. But it was a very powerful tool if you devoted a lot of time to it.
NoS is also strong and also requires some interference but not as much as uM. :slight_smile:

They are too pro for me. :slight_smile: I will stay in the amateur league with ClearURLs, Decentraleyes, Disconnect, NoScript, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, Forget Me Not… Pi-Hole

My first thought was this was a list of Toronto garage bands from the 80’s. :grin:


Yeah, no script is a nice idea, but turns every page into “click no script button, allow scripts” because everything breaks.

uBlock is absolutely required for internet use though. I do have one computer making use of the advanced functionality, where every 3rd party is blocked, and I manually enable just enough to work. A lot of work up front, but after a month I don’t have to do much anymore.

I never used uMatrix, I guess it is quite a bit more granular, per-website, rather than NoScripts, all-or-nothing-for-all-websites approach. Cool stuff, hope the dev has revived interest in this in the future, very interesting.