White DDR4 Ram

I'm looking for white DDR4 ram or ram that will look good with a white themed build. I will probably also use RGB light strips in the case so I can change the color when I want, but plan to have the painted parts white. I'll be using the Asus X99 Deluxe (hence the white theme)
I have found this so far


I also could maybe go with this. They aren't white, but could work.



What you could do is take the heatspreaders off the RAM modules (using a heat gun and care) then just paint the heatspreaders white and reattach them.

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I tried that crucial ram in my current build however it did not like the asus mobo at all, granted the mobo was a bad unit that had 3/4 dimm slots jacked up the corsair vengeance lpx ram booted in the only working dimm where as the crucial did not. I plan on painting my corsair ram heatspreaders white to fit my build better.

The vengeance lpx ram has a removable heatspreader that is easily paint-able as stated above.

or just buy white heatspreaders

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Will silver work?

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I'm pretty sure there's corsair ram that you can take the tops of the heat spreaders of real easy and just paint those if that will do. http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Dominator-Platinum-2800MHz-Memory/dp/B00MPIEDZ8

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Thanks everyone.