White and Black themed $1500 PC

A friend of mine wants me to build him a PC within the next few months. I have this so far.


I know things could and most likely will change in the next few months, but I was just looking for input or other ideas for the build.



I'd get a 3570k so you can overclock it easier. Liquid cooler seems a bit worthless when you have a processor that's a faff to overclock.

Absolutely terrible build for 1500 dollars...

Drop the dumb skullcandy headphones, the ITX format, and the expensive peripherals. 

What Toast and bchampion said. You could've gotten AT LEAST a 7950 with that kind of budget. Drop the whole aftermarket cooler at all if you're not planning to overclock at all since intel's stock cooler is decent enough to make it cool. I honestly can't find any motherboard that would fit your color lust.


Miskonius gave you a perfect build! I just whant to add the folowing:

if you dont whant a too expencive video card you can get the xfx 7850,7870 his (logan did a review on it 

it was very powerful) or the 7770 asus 2GB video card!

And i dont know if the xigmatek dark knight cold work with that socket so...

Good luck with your build :)

I really like Miskonius's build except maybe the case, a phantom 410 is not much more money (at least where i live)

Miskonius got it right.

I changed 2 things. Just case and mouse. 


Are u sure the dark knight is compatable with the socket AM3+?

Case is a personal thing (as well as the mouse) he can add Cooler Master Storm Stryker (White)

But really i would never (ever!) buy G400 when there is Cooler Master Storm Advance 2, best ergonomy and best laser sensor in the world all in one place...


Thanks! :)

The back of that mouse just looks sooooooooooo uncomfortable. The back just doesn't look like it'd be great for palm grip users because I have my hand all over the whole mouse.The back is just so pointed/narrow. I also am not 100% on lasers yet. If you can vouche for it and have tried it though, power to you. You obviously aren't spouting bullshit. I don't like the case either, but that's just for aesthetic reasons.

I have Cooler master Sentinel Zero-G, exactly the same shape as Advance 2 but only different laser.

There is no better ergonomic mouse, specially if you got big hands, lasers like  Advance 2 Corsair builds in its mouses and charges 150$ ;)