White and black PC parts help

I've always wanted to do a white and black pc build. I'm tired of my red and black one I have now.

The sky is the limit for this build.

I live in the US and don't mind trying out new places to buy the parts you all recommend.

I am going to do some intense watercooling down the road so I would prefer a white case with ample space for rads, reservoirs and pumps. I would prefer a window on the side.

This is going to be a gaming oriented build that needs to be tailored towards some serious overclocking. My current rig is having a hard time keeping up with my 3x1 eyefinity setup. 5870x1080 kills my crossfired 7970's.

I usually play racing simulators and first person shooters.

I know that if I want an all white and black build I'm going to have to paint some stuff some I'm down for it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Ok So I'm prrtty much the same So lets get started!

Case: I feel that you want ATX so the NZXT H440 and I think there's a White F.D Define R4

Fans: I feel that the Corsair ones would be good since they have the white rigs.

MoBo: I don't think there is a w/b one so black should be fine

Ram: Personally I love the A-Data XPG V2s. If you feel up to it you paint the black ones (The heat sinks)

PSU: It doesn't really matter if you get the H440 (It has a PSU cover) BUT! Any of the NZXT PSUs are white black

You're probably going to need cable extensions. So this is what I found Here and Here. I'm not sure if they'll fit since there "corsair blah blah beep boop" But the connectors should be the same.

GPU: BAAM So really any EVGA w/ ACX cooling 

Misc: White sata cable Here. LEDs Are awesome (there are other it just for an example)


So If we add it all together (edit at you wish) are end product is  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3QQRYJ

I couldn't find a blacker MoBo. so if you could find one that would be cool

The fan are White led im too lazy to change it so Yea

I didn' know how far your willing to go so yea two 780 ti SC over 9000 edtion

Wasn't sure if you wanted the AIO but I add it. 

The H440 has space for water cooling I think you can do a 360mm in the front and a 280mm in top I can't remember off the top of my head but you can check the website

I think that's what I have to say Hope you have fun doing this!



Whoa, that was awesome. This is why I love the Tek Syndicate forums! Thanks a lot. Down the road I am going for custom watercooling. Diggin the cpu pick, that Adata ram and the case looks drop dead sexy(That psu cover is nice to hide my pump and cable management), I probably won't go the AIO for the cpu. Maybe put a high end Noctua on there until I get an idea of the liquid cooling loop I want to do. The fans are pretty solid. I do love me some Corsair products. I've never seen led lighting that has the controller in one of the pci slots. Thanks for all your help! I actually think I might go with two Galaxy 780 ti HOF edition though.

It help since I been looking for White black PC stuff since I got into the whole PC stuff.

Anyway I forgot to add this: