Looks like Woodford is back on the menu boys



Love Woodford, tried the wheat iteration last weekend. Didn’t disappoint. Will fet again.


I so much want to try this one.
It’s super overpriced locally and the online stores are out of it.
I’ll get angry and just get another Buffalo Trace.


If you see Larceny, on your next whiskey haunt, give that a go [Wheated Bourbon]


How overpriced for you?

It’s a bit expensive here, but I also very much would like to try it out.

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I have a soft limit of roughly 30€ per bottle. I can afford it, but I’m trying not to go overboard with expensive stuff. It is a bit over that limit in the online store, the Woodford. I am holding on for a sale or something to get some. Last sale I didn’t get anything and it seems they all sold out.
And the local stores are adding at least 10€ on top of the already borderline price. It’s over 40€ locally and I am not spending that much on a bottle of whisk(e)y…

I will track that down :wink:

39€ in the online store… Gonna hold on for a sale…

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Funny, that literally the same situation here. It’s about $35-$45 depending on the store, and I also try to stay under $30 and wait for a sale.

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