Oh Buffalo is nice…
Nowhere near as smooth and nice as Makers tho, but really good.

Did you taste any cherry in MM? Sommeliers keep saying they are tasting cherry in Mark and I don’t. I have tried to search for the flavor, no luck. I just can’t identify it.

lol not really noticing cherries to be honest.
i got the wood of the barrels its aged in, and a nice warm smooth afterglow.
but thats about it, as im not what you call sophisticated :wink:

so all i will say is, its as good as any good (Scottish) whiskey.
which is saying something… :slight_smile:

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Wait till you try the Trace. The wood is basically the main note I am getting from it…

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I got my hands on Amalga’s 8th batch of single malt a few days ago.

This time they used smoked peat malt and finished in oak barrels. It’s got a sweeter front, but definitely finishes smokey and oakey. Sadly, this will be my last whiskey from them for a while… I’m moving out of Juneau at the end of the month.


Gift from work after dealing with a complete SAN failure over the weekend

First scotch, taking some getting used to


That is a nice expensive gift…

The aftertaste of Johnny Walker Double Black is soooooo Foken long… Jesus Christ. I have soda with it, I dare not drink the soda so not to wash away the aftertaste.
The more I am tasting the Double Black, the more I grow to like it. It’s still a bit too strong for me, but the aftertaste… Man, the aftertaste is INSANE…

Not outright Whisk(e)y related. But is the [necessary] precursor
It is in fact, National Bier Day… For those of you partaking- Beehave


First of you are not my mom…
Second the word is bee hive…


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Happy Bier Day!

But how is the internet there? I don’t think I can live with anything less than 100Mbps.

Having some Glenmorangie…
The original 10…
I still find it super sharp. Tasty tho. Orangy as fuck. Sweet and nice, but still very sharp. Very very burning. At least before the taste buds are completely burned, so you don’t feel the alcohol anymore.
Honestly, I don’t think I like it. It’s not bad once you can’t feel the burn. But before that…

Don’t recall it, being on sharp side
Freshly opened bottle? How long left alone, after pouring it?

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I didn’t expect it either…

Almost an year old. It was even more sharp back then, when I first opened it.

Long enough.
Gave it to other people to evaluate. They said the same thing. Smells nice, super sharp…
I was surprised, cause the whisk(e)y gurus say it’s one of the most approachable ones.
Oh well…

The only proper explanation I can think of is this being a fake bottle.

For shame…
I’d go with an off-run [who knows how many bottlings worth, gotten effected]

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