Whiptail "Command not Found"

Evening, I'd like to point out I am very much new to anything regarding scripting, so I apologize If I am / will ask stupid questions.

I am currently trying to design a script that will completely setup a server for a group that needs one, so that they can have a easy way of getting up and going, and I thought I was pretty close, till I change some names around, and suddenly everything broke.

I stole this code, which is where I first found whiptail, and wanted to make a cleanup command so that it will run certain tools to ensure the security of the server after the script was ran. (Wipe mem and free space on hd and so forth)

But when I created the "cleanup" and put it into the function folder, it didn't work. I changed the name of one to "server" and it did, but for some reason I can't get the script to point to the cleanup function.

The link to the actual script is here. Apologies for the mess it's in, I'll work on cleanup later. Linux