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Which X399 motherboards support the most nvme cards with RAID?


I’m seeing that the ASRock Fatal1ty supports 3 nvme cards with apparent RAID, but what other boards have a 3 or more nvme card count and RAID support?



Th he msi meg creation has 3 nvme pcie slots in the board and the and the bundled add in pcie M.2 XPANDER-AERO that lets you add another 4.
A total of 3+4=7

The acid zenith extreme alpha is 3+2=5

The additional 2 is through a dimm expansion card.

Do you intend to boot up from an nvme drive?



I may @Hedonist222, but I don’t have to. This will be running Proxmox (Debian) to host 2 workstations and I plan on doing workstation primary storage and/or swap on the nvme array. I had contemplated putting in just a fast but smallish set of nvme drives together in RAID0 for additional memory since I may need > 128 GB, however I’m thinking now that I could probably just use large nvme drives RAIDed together to serve double purposes.

The thing I am worried about is needing 2x RX 580 video cards + a 3rd slow video card for the Linux server console itself for sanity’s sake. This consumes a number of lanes and it’s likely I’ll need to put a few more PCIe cards on here for passthrough purposes for additional IO, etc. This thus makes me worry a bit about chewing up too many PCIe slots for storage and so I’m thinking I want to settle on a nice solid bard that has enough nvme slots to serve both purposes while giving me enough slots with sufficient lanes to still be happy.



I have the X399 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon. It has 3 NVMe sockets on the motherboard. It also has four full 16X PCIe lanes and can be bifurcated to 4x4x4x4 (for quad M.2 riser cards). In theory you could put 15 NVMe drives on my board plus 8 SATA devices (and on many other X399 boards as well read the specs).



Sounds like you want am an Epyc and a few riser cards for all that PCIe action.

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