Which would you buy and why?

Hey all I am having trouble deciding between the two. I know the 7970 is a better card generally but am curious as to which of these to get based on brand quality, build quality, and overall performance for future use (Driver updates and special features like PhysX..). I play alot of FPS and HLmods as well less demanding games like LOL, though I would like something to handle future games like BF4 and Titanfall. Also I am planning on doing some video editing and photoshop type stuff as well in the future.

My build is a I5 4670k with 8gbs of G. Skill Ripjaws Ram 1600. I will also be using a Kingston Hyper X 3k SSD. Also bare in mind I am using a Bitfenix prodigy case.. though seems like either card will fit fine.

7970 $280- Reviews are ok and older card 


760 $266-Reviews seem good and newer card



Thank you!

7970  no question. It's a superior card, It can run circles around a 760. Look up some benchmarks online and you shall see.

Now Im sad because I paid 350 for my 7950 a few months back lol. But I would definitly go for the 7970 because it beats the 760 in every way. 760 left 7970 right.

192gbs vs 264

256 bit vs 384

2gb vs 3

2.3tflops vs 3.8

Id say the 7970 is about 1.5 times the card of a 760. 



I bought a gtx 760 ~1 month ago because of all the driver issues my brother had with his 7770.

Don't use GPU boss, it doesn't take into account the overclocking performance.

The 7950 beats the 760 quite easily, and has been known to beat the 770.


I would actually suggest the 7950

7970 or the 7950 for sure depend's if you want to save some money


So the 7950 can out perform the 7970? I guess my only issue why I feel like I am having a hard time is that I have know idea what the real time visual difference will be... Nvidia has the Physx thing going on and the 760 is a newer card. In my mind I am thinking that that would mean new and better drivers will be coming out that the 760 could take advantage of compared to the 7970? or even a 7950 for that matter?  Unfortunatly the only thing I have to compare all these to is what I have now.. a Nvidia gt 335m lol.

Is PhysX really worth it I guess is my only barrier now. I know AMD cards can use it but how good is it when the CPU uses it? is that easy to set-up? 

Sorry for all the lame questions you guys have been extreamly helpful and I am really going to make my decision based on what is said here!

Also let me mention I have been using a Sony Brivia 40" 240hz capable LED screen for my gaming tho I am planning on getting another 40' monitor or possibly 3 smaller ones for a full set-up. Tho I am using a Bitfenix prodigy and there is only one GPU slot on the Mobo so I am thinking as well that if I got the 7970 I can go with three screens instead of the single that I would have to be limited to with the 760? Sound right? 

First thing, the 7950 beats the 760, easily. Now that is out the way:

Very few games actually use PhysX. I use a GTX780, I turn PhysX on in any applicable games, and it doesn't really change my experience too much. PhysX isn't worth the performance drop. It is nice in some instances, but I would pick the higher performing card with 3GB of frame buffer (7950). You could purchase a much more expensive card, which will have sufficient performance to compensate any use of PhysX. e.g 770.

I actually said that the 7950 can beat the 770, not 7970. If you watch the video that I linked, it would have demonstrated my point. I guess it is entirely possibly for a 7950 with a good cooler to beat a 7970 with a bad cooler.

The 760 2GB would be somewhat limiting if you tried to use it on three screens. It is a card that is incredibly well geared to gaming at 1080p. The 79xx cards are a little more versatile. Good for surround-gaming, or resolutions higher than 1080p.

If you already have a gaming card that is sufficient for Minecraft, or whatever, I would wait for the new AMD cards. They are rumoured to launch in these coming months.

Otherwise, your best surround gaming solution might be the 780. It's a pretty expensive card, but if you're using a Prodigy, you cannot SLI nor Crossfire any chosen card.

Only reason to get a 760 is if you game on a single 1080p screen, and the games you play run best on Nvidia. No other reason to consider the 760. The 7950 has dropped in price, very similar price point these days. And the 79xx cards come with more free games.

The 760 has fewer Cuda cores than most Nvidia cards at the same price level, including the older 660ti, which it is replacing. In short, the 760 isn't a productivity card. Adobe software suite supports AMD. So in your given interests of running mods (more vram helps with mods. No, the 4GB 760 is not worth it), playing AMD optimised games (BF4), and potentially editing. You should not be considering the 760 at all.

Very Good! Thank you Berserker, the last thing I should mention which I probably should have mentioned first is that I want to keep the GPU below $300.. I think then this 7970 is my best option? 

I have just heard about all the new cards coming out for AMD but I also hear that they will be pricer, though at the same time these 7000 series cards will drop in price as well. All in all I have waited for 2 months alread on my Mobo and I cannot see my self waiting till October... With my Alienware laptop I cant game on any of the recent titles and it is soo frustrating to keep playing LOL and HL mods XD

On the other hand, the new AMD cards could drive down the price of both the 79xx cards, and Nvidia 7xx cards. It may, or may not be worth waiting for. It's up to you.

The 7950 overclocks near the performance of an overclocked 7970. This is demonstrated in the video I posted above. You can find a good 7950 for a pretty reasonable $220. It's a great card for 1080p, 1440p, and offers surround gaming capability. Comes with your choice of 3 free games, out of a list of approximately 12 games. Including HItman Absolution, and the latest Tomb Raider.

In short, the performance difference between the 7950 and 7970 is marginal. Probably not worth purchasing a '70. Use that money for something else. Just ensure that you overclock the card.


It will fit inside the Prodigy.