Which windows do I buy?

I have never built a PC before and I'm confused by which operating system I have to buy. The only thing I can find on amazon is the OEM version, but this says it's for people selling machines only. Do I just buy the OEM version or is there some other version I'm meant to buy? Thanks in advance.


Yeah, you can buy the OEM version. I do that all the time because it saves a lot of money. The only difference between the OEM copies and the retail copies is that the retail copies can be installed on up to around three computers where the OEM copy can only be installed on one.

Thanks vortex.

And yes brandon, I wouldn't feel comfortable torrenting an OS. Idk, just seems like a bad idea.

No problem. Also just make sure you're getting a 64-bit copy. The differences between Home, Professional, and Ultimate aren't that huge, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. Some people might benefit from getting Pro instead of Home, but most people aren't going to benefit from Ultimate, because the only differences between Pro and Ultimate is that you get multiple languages and an encryption program with Ultimate.

I'm also assuming you're buying Windows 7, lol.

Yeah I'd be getting 64bit professional.

Yeah, I have the same right now.

I've been digging into this topic as well and everything that turns up says that buying OEM is illegal? wtf.  So confused...

Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. Nuff said.