Which Windows 7 updates to avoid?

We've all been reading and hearing around that Windows 10-like "surveillance" updates are being pushes to Win7 users through windows update. I only want updates that improve stability & fix security bugs pretty much. I am NOT interested in updates that send my data to MS (for bullshit reasons like to improve my "experience"). Is there a list of suspect updates somewhere that I could check and see what each one does to decide if I want to avoid it? The description on the windows update control panel applet is USELESS in that it does not describe the functionality of the update (only suggests a KB article for more info).

Examples from my own experience: Which Win7 updates to avoid:
KB3035583 - The Windows 10 notification tool. Useless plus it sometimes crashes
KB971033 - Updates the Windows activation technologies - Completely unnecessary

You, along with Tek Syndicate, may have fallen victim to the hype train on this one.
None of the Windows 10 specific data gathering behavior was introduced to Windows 7 as far as we know, for more info read this.
As far as updates are concerned you should avoid optional updates, since they are optional and thus not related to security and probably not to stability either.

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