Which Windows 10 update branch are we in?!

We are running our Windows 10 systems in an Active Directory with Windows Update configured for 'Defer Upgrades'. Following all the guides on the internet, this should mean that the systems are in the current branch for business or CBB.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released to CBB in November last year, but even after accounting for some of the usual delay with Windows Updates our systems have not received the 1607 update yet.

Now we are wondering if we are actually in the CBB and if there is a way to verify this with a powershell command or similar?
Or are we missing something else causing our systems to not update to 1607 automatically?

Thanks for any input. :)

IMHO MS is very bad at communicating the rules about CBB probably expecting that only certified administrators need have that knowledge.
What I gather from various articles if a feature goes to CBB it is "ready" for business. Every article, I have found, stops any further explanation at that statement. So I assume It does not mean that it will roll out everywhere at the same day (where not controlled by management services).

Due to lack of better way (as far as I know) I've triggered my workstation update by temporarily toggling the "defer" setting.

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Thanks for the input.

I guess we will try to get some information from MS about this.

From past experiences this will result in a giant waste of time, but since there is no knowledge related to this publically available, it looks like our only option.

I expect that answer you will get will be in the spirit of "install update services on server" as it is actually preferred and better documented (?) way of doing updates - but I wonder how many small businesses go that way (I'm 1 man operation so I do not even bother).

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