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Which Windows 10 to buy?


I’m coming from a retina macbook pro since 2013 just to give you an idea what level of idiot you’re replying to.

Just bought a pile of new pc parts, base is a GIGABYTE Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi". Unboxed everything and shoved it all into a case. Decided it’s time to buy a copy of Windows to install over top. I have never bought an OS before and don’t want to buy again if I throw any/all of these parts out and replace with something else in coming months.

Looking around Newegg / Amazon there are a few ‘flavors’ so… which one to go with?


Do you need any of this
Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Bitlocker, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE), Assigned Access 8.1, Remote Desktop, Client Hyper-V, and Direct Access


No grey market key sites are allowed on the forum fyi.


Sorry-- was not aware of that rule!

In that case, get an OEM copy. Cheaper, and your can transfer it to different hardware, just have to call Microsoft.


I would want to be able to Remote Desktop “in” to the pc.


get pro then


For real remote desktop you need pro, but you could just install VNC instead.


True, but if he ops for the digital key, then if he wants to hop to linux, and then maybe sell the device in the future he can put windows back on and it will auto-activate as long as he didn’t change any of the hardware. So there is that to consider.

Not trying to shill, just trying to bring that little-known blurb into the light.


IMO Pro is definitely worth the paying for and often can be had for a minimal extra cost, I use Bitlocker, RDP and Hyper-V/Containers with Docker CE. One thing to note is that its expensive to buy the upgrade through the Windows store if you have already installed Home Edition and want to upgrade in place. So don’t buy Home Edition, get everything setup, and then change your mind :slight_smile:

On a side note/rant I think Microsoft are tight not bundling Bitlocker into the Home Edition; I believe every other desktop or mobile OS offers an equivalent as standard. There are certain malware/crypto attacks that you are protected against when the boot drive is encrypted - it protects people from more than just hardware loss/theft.


You can download, install, and run for about a month and get the activation key / activate later.

I’d go with pro because of bitlocker, hyperv, and remote desktop.


My suggestion is also to get W10 Pro because with it you can get much deeper control of your system. Beside all the enterprise features already mentioned with the Pro version you can disable the automatic updates and install them when YOU decide to do it. It’s a really basic thing but can’t be achieved with the Home edition.


No need , just never activate


In my experience the oem keys reactivate just fine on the same hardware.


If you find a WIndwos 10 PRO for 1/2 price on amazon, I would avoid them. I have two instances of buying them with both keys not being valid to use.


Yes, and you can always move OEM keys to different hardware by calling Microsoft. I’ve done it many times.

Regarding not activating, that works too. You just get a watermark in the bottom right of your screen and can’t change the wallpaper and color scheme.

@MetalizeYourBrain: That isn’t really a feature of W10 Pro, but W10 Pro comes with the policy editor that lets you disable autoupdates in the GUI. Setting the same registry keys works in Home.


An OEM copy of Pro is good.
If you’re lucky like i was, maybe you can get a student discount for it, like i got back when i bought 8.1 Pro, i paid like 20% of the total price, when W10 launched i just updated the key and its tied to my MS account ever since.


LTSB would be nice if you could buy it…