Which will get more fps

i currently have a asus 560 overclocked and overclocked to 1GHZ i am able to play battlefield 3 maxed out at 1080p but i play alot of dayz and arma 2 which i know are not optimized ery well but my card cant even play it at high on 720p aind so want a new card and i dont know what to go for i looked a reviews and comparisons but they all contridict each other and so came here,

the cards i am looking at

Asus gtx 670 DCuii top edition - cheapest i can find this card is £374


Asus HD7970 DCuii non-top edition 925mhz - can get this from scan.co.uk for £347 with 2 games (crysis 3 and bioshock infinite) its a pre-order 

i like the fact i would gte 2 games that i want anyway with the 7970 but i prefer nvidia 

i would also like to max out metro last light aswell at 1080p 

current system 

cpu-3770k oc'd (4.5ghz), 8gb vengance ram, corsair 600watt builder series psu, asus sabertooth z77 M/Board

also i have a custom water cooling loop for my cpu which i would like to include my graphics card in, in the future (i have seen an asus 7970 waterblock but not an gtx 670 asus waterblock)

thanks for any help in advanced 


i would take the cheaper 7970, and if your gonna put a waterblock on it, why dont you go for a reference designed card instead so you can just get a full cover block?

the thing is i am not planning in watercooling it untill around december(2013) or jan(2014) so i want something i can use but with a little overclock and is quite quiet.

Through all the reviews and benchmarks ive seen, it seems like 7970>670, Plus how can you complain when you get Free games?

I recommend HD 7970, because I have in and it is awesome. Overclocks very well and is quiet. 

Yeah, I'd be on the fence about it if not for the free games. If you plan on playing them its a huge bargain.

I'm running DayZ on my EVGA 670 2GB FTW card and getting around 40-50fps with everything but AA maxed at 1080p. The other intesresting thing about my card specifically is that it uses the refrence 680 pcb, which makes finding a waterblock much easier.

If you already know of a waterblock for the 7970 and you're getting free games, go for it. With their performance levels being as close as they are, its a no brainer.