Which Water Cooler?

Which Water cooler would preform the best for overclocking; Corsair H80i, Antec KUHLER H20 920, Corsair H90, or Cooler Master Seidon 240M. It would be a AMD 8350 on a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 so which would be able to get the best preformance. All these are $100. If there are any coolers for the same price or cheaper that are better let me know.

what is the Ghz you are trying to achieve and what case do you have? this will help with us giving better suggestions.

Anywhere from 4.5-5.0GHz in a NZXT Phantom 410

I would suggest h80i (due to only a 120mm rear exhaust mount on 410). However, I would switch from the stock fans from the corsair, they are not quiet at all. SP120s quiet edition or performance edition (little louder on full rpm). Either would do the trick or some noctua NF-F12s 120mm (even though they dont appeal to the eyes they are great fans).

Couldn't you mount a 140mm on the top?

you sure could check out the nzxt kraken x40 (I have heard a lot of great things about them) and its specs and then measure from top mounts to top of mobo to ensure enough clearance

hell, if you have enough clearance with a fan attached then maybe for around same price go with the h100i or the kraken x60 dual/quad fan rads for push, pull or push/pull. hey if the price difference isnt much go with more cooling surface area.


if thats the case wouldn't the seidon 240m do better ther the 120mm one?

havent heard anything good abt the coolermaster and the 240 is a dual 120mm rad just like the h100i and the kraken x60 all the same, just different rad thickness on each. check out the specs on all the above rads and take some measurements in the case to ensure you are getting the rad that fits the best and then go based on price and reviews, that's the last thing i can suggest.

k thx. and btw the x60 is a 280mm rad so it wouldn't fit anyway

From NZXT site specs it has 2x140mm (280mm) with 15mm spacing between mounts at top of case, that's why I suggested it. But the rad thickness is the deciding factor with the x60. 

Ya I saw that but i was searching around and apparently it won't fit.

its very tight from the look of pics. To be honest i would suggest h100/h100i, depending on spacing with all components you have. I run an h100 with 4 sp120s in push/pull in a phantom 820. So you should be able to at least do an h100/h100i with at least 2 fans in the 410. The rad is 25mm, most fans are 25mm as well, so a total of at least 52-54mm spacing would be needed from top to mobo. Anything under 52mm is too close for comfort. Hope I helped.

Thanks for this bit of knowledge, will be looking up the sp120s and that noctua on amazon.. its a damn shame that tek dont have the affiliates setup for hw yet otherwise I could purchase them and benefit this site at the same time.

Currently using the h80i and I am a little annoyed at the noise the corsair fans are pumping out.. I can put them in silent mode which helps a lot but then they dont really do a good job at managing thermals until the temps reach numbers I am uncomfortable with.

I made the move to water as an experiment (never done it before)

My hopes were

  • a little oc'ing
  • super cool
  • super quiet (my most important criteria)

I realise the first bullet is a little at odds with the other two :) but I want the best of both worlds.