Which version of Linux support these following software?

Garry mod/SFM, Steam , DCS world, star citizen, emulators, need for speed 2015, GOG, Games ,Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator , Blender 2.67 for video editing, 3D modeling , rendering, 3D /2D ,3D and 2D animation software, sound recording software, and Linux office and home , power point.

Currently there are no linux ports of Adobe products, nor (in my opinion) should there be. There are free alternatives to work with as well as ways to run them in an App Layer called Wine. Blender works natively, all valve games work, for office I suggest Libre Office (there is open office but it is a pain in my ass for writing papers), and there are all sorts of 2d/3d art and modeling apps. Basicallly everything is covered one way or another and nothing is really left out. I even play league of legends on ubuntu.

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Thank very for this info of the wine app for adobe program's will games and office as well on Linux too as work around as well.

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Take a serious look at krita for a replacement for Photoshop.
And as mentioned take a look at libre office.


I was playing around with blender for video editing today and its pretty good.


Thank for all giving me the information about wahich are replacement for window programs and which free programs work with lunix native.

Agreed, I always kind of got the message "blender is awfully difficult to learn its such a steep learning curve ugh" from most people, but for video editing it actually seems really powerful providing you can follow the various tutorials to set it up with a video editing style layout. I would love to see a "The Tek : Edited in Blender" sometime just for kicks @Logan


No its really easy to use and it is setup a lot like premier.

Will lunix support tableting steaming from steam os is just window 10 / nvdina G steam features.

So for starters:

Garry's mod: Native via steam client
Source FM: No native port, "Silver" on WineHQ
Steam: Native and Wine/PoL
DCS World: No native port, "Garbage" on WineHQ (activation issues)
Star Citizen: No native port, "Garbage" on WineHQ
Emulators: Yes. Retroarch, Dolphin and so many more.
Need for Speed: no info on WineHQ
GOG Games: Several native, most of the older ones already on PlayOnLinux
Adobe Suite: No native port, CS6 version somewhat working through PlayOnLinux
Blender: Native
Sound Recording: Native: Audacity and much more
Office: MS Office 2010 Through PlayOnLinux, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Kingsoft WPS Office, Google Docs

Now, some alternatives I've been using:

Adobe Illustrator:
Inkscape, Karbon
Adobe inDesgin:
Scribus, Kile
Adobe Photoshop:
Gimp, Krita, MyPaint
Adobe Lightroom:
DarkTable, RawTherapee
Adobe Premiere/After Effects:
Lightworks(free trial-ish), Natron, Cinelerra, OpenShot 2.0 (brand new!!)
Adobe Flash
Synfig Studio

Most of these programs are already on the ubuntu and ubuntu-based repos. Also on most big parent distros (i.e. Fedora, OpenSuse, Arch)
Some (Like natron or Lightworks) need to be downloaded from the official sites, but include rpm and deb packages.

Edit: On streaming games: http://moonlight-stream.com/

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Thank you telling this information. I can't play DCS world on linx or star ciztien sadly. Now i really think the freedom of liuix is worth with able playing DCS World , StarCiztien , and Need for speed 2015 on slow phasing out window 7,8, or put with spying crap that window 10 to just play DCS world and star citizen! what CIG doing? And eagle dynamics too? What are doing have hear of linux OS system yet do know is linux people out there. Well at lest there Garry mod thought and sfm use on sliver on Wine HQ.

Sorry if want off in a mini rant there thank for looking this up for me.

Star citizen would be on Linux soon or later.
Dunno how Crytek is dealing with their engine with OpenGL right now, in the past they where having their issues.
Maybe with Vulkan would be another story... one with a good ending :)