Which type of ram to get?

there are so many type of RAM out there now that ddr3 has came out doy think it about time to upgrade to ddr3 if not which type of ram is the best for now and for future for pirce performance and stability.

ddr2 800

ddr2 1066

ddr2 1200

ddr3 1333

ddr3 1600

ddr3 1800

ddr2 800 is fine for now, but you cant use ddr3 unless your mainboard supports it.

i knw but fo the future what do you reccomend i have a motherboard whicj will take both ddr2 and 3 the asus p5kc.

ddr2 1066 so you don't have to build a whole new rig just for some memory.

1066 memory is only meant for OCing, theres not a big advantage over 800,

i agree with fatalone on newegg and tigerdirect ddr21066 2gbx2 (4gb total) is 90 - 100 dollars instead of 80 - 90 dollars (newegg is cheaper for memory than tigerdirect) no offense to logan casue u rock and tigerdirect does too. TIGER START CARYING 780g's PLEASE!

tiger does carry 780g's but only micro atx ones.

an asus 780g on tiger: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=3739365&sku=A455-2400&srkey=780g

so between ddr2 1066 and 800 which will you guys recoomend

800 simply because its cheaper and 1066 is a waste

I'd go with 1066. 800 is becoming outdated.

ddr2 1066

i don't really understand what you just said, however i think that 800 is good, 1066 is great, and 1333 is overkill. i would get a board that supports 1066 and 1333, and your probably fine.

whoops, that was wierd. i meant to post that a long time ago, after the 3rd post. sry for double posting, btw

If your board supports ddr3 get it, if not keep the 800 ram because with ddr2 dual channel you get the same performance as a higher clock speed, thats kinda why they made dual channel. At least thats the way I read it.

i was thniking if i get the ddr2 ati ocz kit platinum red platedd.

what are the overclocking poetntial what speed can i overclock it at.

it will hold up very excelllent under an overclock when running a 1:1 ratio (linked & synced)

Get DDR3 1600

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