Which to buy?

hi peeps

been using my galaxy s3 phone for moths now to watch you tube in bed through the night

fancy the galaxy tab s as the screen is great but before I jump is there any better out there for watching you tube videos , I player on  ?

thanx in advance all feed back welcome

I'm in pretty much the same place, I'm looking at LG g pad, cause of its premium build quality. 

Xiaomi MiPad I think I going for this see a short review on you tube and it looks good for the money

Any phone with 1080p should be more than sufficient

well I have a galaxy s3 phone which is ok but I have eye problems and feel a bigger screen would help that's all and 7,9" would be enough to hold as I feel 10.1" id too big

Get Nexus 7. By far better to watch videos in my experience than any of those I've tried and held in my hand, (iPad 2, Samsung's Tabs, few Lenovos, some random Acers)

I used to use my phone also in the same way like you (Galaxy S2), but the screen isn't really for watching videos I think... so small.

Me too. I have Mi2S and i know they make cheap but good stuff.

i had a S3 and i upgraded to a note3 and damn, im pretty fucking happy. super snappy 2.7 ghz and 3 gigs of ram is the best combo. also the mega screen size is pretty nice along with the s-pen. super handy ya!

patience is a virtue so after reading about the galaxy note 4 due in September if I wait just a little longer hopefully the price of the note 3 will come down a little which will put a smile on my face and being totally honest there is so much to choose from it makes my head spin

Ha, Nvidia Shield Tablet.