Which tilling WM?

hi everyone,

question is simple, which tilling manager? i really don't know what to get. i saw bspwm, i3 and awesome but i don't now which is the best for me. i use 1 monitor but it needs to work with more, i only use a keyboard and i don't use arrow keys, super, ctrl, ecs and tab. the faster the better. i have a pretty beast pc and ram isn't a problem but it also needs to work with a singlecore pentium with 512mb ram.


Another kernel developer/hacker eh?


So many of you guys around these days, making the normal DE linux developers look like n00bs :)

Test them all and see which one you prefer. I use awesome over everything because it uses Lua for configuration. Bspwm is popular and has good support for multiple monitor setups. All of these WM can be made lightweight so performance differences between them will be almost negligible, especially if you use a beast computer.

I've tried i3, Awesome, and Bspwm. Of them I like Bspwm the best. If you won't want to use arrow keys, super, ctrl, ecs and tab you can edit they keybinds in Sxhkd.