Which SSD Benchmark to Believe?

So i've been testing my Kingstone V300 120GB SSD recently in AS SSD and  HD Tune Pro 5.5. My AS SSD benchmark seemed REALLY low so I called up Kingstone and they told me about ATTO benchmark. I ran both, and they showed completely different results. I also ran HD Tune Pro in benchmark mode and File Benchmark mode, which also showed different results. So what do I believe? Is my drive fine? I've heard a lot of bad things that kingstone did to their V300 drives, and I thought mine might have been one of the affected ones... 


So which do I believe? 

Pics for all 4 different benchmarks: http://imgur.com/DrcmFSY,Tf4RUcj,pHQPQsm,COGzShq#0

It is murky to tell which one is right but I'd say the second and last benchmarks are probably about average for the V300. The issue is the Sandforce controller. Data that can be compressed will go faster data that can't will be slow. Most data can't be compressed and that is generally what you use day to day.

Those low numbers are also consistent with that a lot of people have been reporting with the V300. When did you purchase it? I'm pretty sure you can tell if you have one of the old good ones or the new bad ones based on the firmware version and the S/N. 

tried that 'as ssd' test and I am getting practically double your figures with a ocz agility 3

I'm pretty sure I have one of the good ones because my SSD was made in Taiwan and NOT China. I also did update my firmware a while ago (I think) so im not sure what that has done. 

How do I check my firmware?


400MB read and 200MB write? 

Yeah that is probably right for an Agility which in itself isn't a great drive. How long have you had the V300? Any chance of returning it and getting something like an MX100?

Benchmarks often do their testing very differently so neither of the scores are "wrong" and they are not directly comparable. Compare instead to others who have tested the same drive with the same software, like a review or something.

Out of memory these seem like good numbers for a 120GB V300, so it's perhaps so you have the older, better model. Either way it's a drive that is a lot faster than a mechanical drive in real practice, and all systems are worthy of an SSD.

Ive had the drive for a couple months. I sorta bought it on an impulse, and only began testing it recently. 

What I may do soon is buy 2 Kingstone 3k 120GB drives (or some other really good drives) and put them into raid 0 to get 1GB/s / near that speed, and run most of my programs on it for supa fast loading times. 

Yeah I think I may actually have the better model, from what my HD Tune and ATTO benchmarks show me. 


try this one then.