Which should I get

Hey forum, for my next phone I was planning on getting a Nexus 5 32gb, but then I saw that the Nexus 7 can be used with Mobile data. Does that mean I can make phone calls and text other people and other cell phone things on the Nexus 7? Could it basically be a cell phone, just bigger? Also, is the Nexus 5 worth the price? If the Nexus 7 can be used as a normal cellphone, which should I get? Lots of questions. 

The keyword there is mobile *data*. This means only web access; no calls or text unless its over a data service such as Skype or Google Voice.

The Nexus 5 is, without a doubt, the best bang for the buck. Totally worth it.

Oh alright. Well thanks for telling me. One more question, does Google hangouts use mobile data or regular texting/calling?

Mobile data.

That's great. Doesn't that mean I could use Google hangouts to send/recieve text messages over my mobile data without paying any extra money (since I have unlimited data)?

Sure does. Some people find it less than ideal, such as myself, but if you don't have any issue with Google hangouts then it could work for you.

Cool. But do you still think the nexus 5 is a better choice?

Well are you really gonna be carrying around a 7in tablet to text with? You are comparing apples to oranges here. One is a phone the other a tablet.

True :/ but thanks. 

Personally, I'd go for the nexus 5. It's by no means small, and rocks the latest and greatest Snapdragon Pro SoC, which packs a 2.3 GHz krait quad-core; its faster than most tablets, including the Nexus 7, at least on paper.

IF you're willing to pay some $$ look at the xperia Z ultra... uber big screen

If given the choice between having a phone and having a tablet with mobile data, I'd choose the phone.  

While you can make arguments about having a bigger screen for consuming media and the likes, the phone is still a better tool when you need it.  Also, Android tablets have an uncanny habit of being slightly weaker than their phone counterparts because of the manufacturer's intent for you to stream content rather than store it.

tl;dr, get the Nexus 5.  It's a beast phone, it has a terrific screen, and while the battery life isn't amazing, it does come with Qi charging out of the box so whenever you're not busy just pop it onto a charging block, it's worth the extra money.

It's faster then the Nexus 7 in the real world as well. I have both

Good to know - I wasn't sure if throttling would make it slower in practice or not.