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Which sata port = which drive?

In windows, is it possible to know which ssd is connected to which data port?

sisoft sandra will tell you the controller and bus but I don’t know how to translate this into which data port.

I also know of disk management properties>details>location

Neither of those seem to translate to a particular port that I can tell.
Just for example trying this on my pc with multiple drives, I know which are which based on brand and capacity, but if I was going to a pc I never knew of, I guess you just do trial and error?

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Best bet in [physically] identifying SATA connection(s), be from the mainboards manual

in the device properties. takes a bit of digging. but i think it tells you in one of the dropdowns.
(just checked) yeah its listed as bus number. under the hardware tab of a drive properties tab.

the other place is bios. it may list the drives in order of which sata they are connected to.

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Use Passmark Disk Utility. It will tell you which SATA port the drive is plugged into.