Which Ryzen 3000 Motherboard is good for VFIO?

I have a VFIO gpu passthrough going on with my current system and since it’s Prime Day, I wanted to upgrade to Ryzen 3000. With my current system I have to use an ACS override patch to get around bad iommu groupings. Since I have to get a new motherboard anyways if I want to get Ryzen 3000, I wanted to ask: which motherboard should I buy that has good IOMMU groupings for VFIO gpu passthrough so that I don’t need to use an ACS patch?

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I’m also interested to know which mother board I should buy with a lower price (than the ASRock Taichi and Aeorus Master presented here

as a possible solution with great IOMMU grouping) for my Ryzen 9 that I will receive this wednesday. It’s pretty difficult to find information online. We should wait some review I guess.


Due to a sale on Newegg, I decided to get a 2950x instead of a new ryzen 3900x because it was selling for the same price as the 3900x. Now that I have this CPU, it’s time to pick a motherboard. So, same question as before, just a little modified. Which motherboard should I get for a 2950x that has good IOMMU groupings for VFIO gpu passthrough?

I wasn’t sure if I should make a new thread since this is the same situation and I didn’t want to spam, but if someone thinks I should I will, of course.

The Asrock Taichi lineup has Wendell’s recommendation for VFIO.

For X570 though, that changed to the Aorus Master. Wendell likes the Aorus Master over the Taichi.


Thank you so much for the answer, that helps me immensely!

Do you have a link/details?

Also, anyone have any info on the ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE yet?

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Just look at the replies: