Which RAM for Ryzen 3700X on X570

I am running 16GB of Trident Z 3600 CL 18 at the moment.
I am upgrading to a BeQuiet Dark rock Pro 4 and need to swap RAM for LPX.
I am also upgrading to 32GB
Should I go with 3200/16 or 3600/18? (it’s only a $10 difference)
Will I benefit more from the added speed or lower latency?

From what I’ve seen it’s a pretty small difference between those two combinations. Like 1-3% in most tasks?

Granted the sweet spots still seem to be 3200/CL14 and 3600/CL16, but I don’t think your choices will be particularly hindering.


I really appreciate the resources. I should have know that GN would have info regarding my question, didn’t even consider checking there lol.

Above 3200 and you start getting diminishing returns. 3600 is the"optimal max" it seems. It also comes down to CPU bottlenecks in your uses. If whatever you are running does not cause a CPU bottleneck in your system then you won’t benefit from faster RAM much.

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That makes a ton of sense!
I don’t really do anything too CPU intensive, but in the future I intend to transfer my 3700 over to a AsRock Rack mobo and abuild a VM server out of it. So 3600 may be better in the long run.

If you run 4 sticks on an AsRock mobo I can nearly assure you problems at 4 sticks of 3600mhz vs. using 3200mhz. 2 sticks and it doesn’t matter as much. CL16/3600/ 8 x 2= 16GB is the best , I use it.

Also matter on the FCLK. I have mine at 1800 to match the 3600 RAM. Doing that to 3200 means 1600 FLCK, so there is a difference in speed. In my case it’s about 15 FPS in some titles. Affects benchmarks too. I have an AsRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4S paired with a 3600x.

Should you entertain upgrading to a 5000 series chip [at some point, down the line], they’re to relish on higher frequencies.

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