Which Project CARS dlc is worth buying


I was thinking of getting project cars in the steam sale I noticed that there is tonnes of dlc which you can buy with it.

Is it worth getting the bundle with all the dlc for 30 something pounds or just get the base game for 11.

TBH im not to impressed with project cars. dont get me wrong game play is good. but number of cars is lacking number of tracks is lacking, missing upgrading cars. base game is worth it at 11 but 30 for base game and all dlc nope. 20 possibly. ( my love and willingness to play Grand turismo 2 dont make it a worthy buy. )

side note would love for Grand Tursmio 6 to come to PC or even a new one for ps 4 neo and PC


If you were to buy you may as well get the bundle as otherwise you'll be lacking somewhat in content and will just end up buying DLC packs anyway.

I prefer RaceRoom Experience though at the end of the day. The cars feel that much more real on the track to me comparing similar tracks and cars back to back. That's with a wheel and pedal setup and sat in a sim seat.

Project Cars is one of those games, I dislike with a passion. First off, they are crowd funded, so the development is paid for. So each sale is pure profit. That is all fine, but they have cancelled the WiiU version, no matter there were people, that funded them for that reason. Second that is fine, if they could just come out and said something about it. They said "get another console if you want to play our game". The game that some people funded on the basis of a WiiU version. Third there is this entire Nvidia thing... And forth, some time ago they announced new crowd funding campaign for project cars 2...
So let me get this straight. You crowd funded without fully delivering your promises, your game have noticeable performance issues, you sold millions of copies and you ask the people for more money?
I'm sorry, if you like the game - enjoy. I just don't like the developers. It's like EA and Ubisoft. I will not buy anything from them unless it's free, no matter how good the game is...

Although Pcars fell way short of expectations IMO it is still a decent racing game that I continue to spend time with. I'd say just get the base game for now, get a feel for the game, then if there is a pack of cars that interest you go ahead and get it. No need to throw money at this game just to find out later that Assetto Corsa is a MUCH better racing game that you'll more than likely spend more time with (if you have it)


Thanks for your reply assesto corsa is not much more at 15 pounds I could get either or both if asseto corsa was the better game. Would you recommend it over pcars?

You have to remember these are sim racing games, so there is no "upgrading cars", now that I have got that out of the way, Assesto Corsa has better physics but less content then Pcars,But Assesto Corsa has mod support and it already has a TON of mods and IMO the online community on Assesto Corsa is much better then Pcars. So in short I think Assesto Corsa is the better buy with that being said this is my opinion I have a racing wheel that I use. I wouldn't recommend these game to anyone who wants to use a controller, it would be like buying a new pc and not using the detected GPU.

Here are some other good racing game too, Rfactor 1&2(HUGE modding community) Iracing(best online experience) ,Dirt Rally (Best physics for a Rally game),F1 2012-2015(Grate game if your into F1, not a heavy sim tho)Automobilista, Race07(old game but still holds up in physics), Live 4 Speed.

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I would recommend Assetto over Pcars, @Infinite_Z3RO pretty much said it all. Mods for cars and tracks (of varying quality), better online community/more active servers, better for drifting, has drag races, etc. (and yes, you definitely want a racing wheel for these sims).

The only thing for me is that cars featured in both games seem to have significantly more understeer in AC than in Pcars (even RWD cars), and there really isnt a way to tell which is more accurate/true-to-life without having driven these cars IRL, but feedback from people that have actually driven these cars suggest that AC is overall the more accurate sim, especially in the FFB department.