Which Prebuilt PC is better

So my freind is buying a new Pc and he has decide on two options but he is not shore which one to get.Personally i think the Amd is better but i would like a second opition before tell him which one he should get.






Which do you think is better ?

Meh prebuilts..

Slower cpu + faster gpu OR Faster cpu + slower gpu...

If I HAD to choose.. i'd go with the i7-3770k..

Personally I would not want anything less than a 660ti or 7870 for a gaming machine.

That being said I would go with the intel machine because the i7 has way better per core performance than the bulldozer CPU

Why don't you want to build your own?

That's what i told my friend and he said "it is to hard" -_-

Try diging up some ancient rig you have lying around, and walk him through the process of building one, if he won't be convinced verbally. Really, building a PC is incredibly simple, considering their almost completely modular, even I was able to do it, and that's saying a lot. XD

Answer: None build your own. If he thinks its too hard show him how to do it, or hell just do it yourself. MUCH better than stupid prebuilts.

I literally just figured it out on my own when I was 13 fussing around with a bunch of old parts. Its easy as hell.


The AMD is cheaper and will play games at a higher level. You won't notice the CPU difference in day to day computing and gaming.

Hes lying ^

They will all be shit. Build your own. The difference will be noticable, since they will both be unusable and will blow up in your face and they will hire mitt romney to come to your house and rape you.

But for gaming the gpu matters most, most games arent cpu limited


You get an explosive PC and get raped by Romney? Is there an order limit?

Don't you just love how lopsided companies make prebuilt systems?  a 3770k with a 650(non-ti) Come on guys pull it together!

neither when you buy a prebuilt computer they cheap out on everything except the stuff people look for, cpu hdd gpu ram

they cant really cheap out on a i7 3770k 

the hdd can have 1kb cache sure its 7200 rpm and 1tb but what brand, how many platters?

also the ram they can buy 32 gigs of the cheapest stuff and it actually might be better going for a higher quality 8 gb kit, you have the money to build your own system I can see and the time if your on these forums (doesn't take long) and just do a little more research, you'd get a better balanced pc, I'd say to pick one of Logan's builds but he hasn't done  new one in a while.

one of the computers comes with a gtx 650 manufactured by grafik? Has anyone heard of them before?

and they screw you on the power supply 


Definitely fuck you over wiht the psu. Just build your own for christ sake. 





jusrt offer to build one for him for a small prenium, if he say's no. just don't help him.

you'r silence of disaproval on the subject will get the message across

i would say if he wouldnt want to build is own offer to help him do it or just build it for him.

The amd pc has a uatx mobo that dosent have eny sata 3 (or a usb 3.0 header) and was nerver meant for FX cpus.

The FX8120 is a terrible cpu (you will get better gameing from the Phenom II X4 965 - 3.4 Ghz)

Your allso better off with a AMD/ATI gpu with a amd chipset.....

The i7 is a much better deal but dosent say what mobo it has, both have a 650 no ti?

why a i7 and a crap gpu? why not a i5 and a more powerfull gpu?

Dont buy ether of them it will be a waste of money and a a big disappointment