Which power supply to choose?

CORSAIR Professional Series HX650 650W 





They are both 650 wat and are both around 119 dollars, but I have no idea what the differences are. What do you guys/girls think. 

I would trust corsair on this one. Alot of hardware EVGA makes besides video cards are sort of iffy.

Yes the corsair one is my first choice, but the EVGA one just came out.


anything xfx or seasonic

The EVGA units are made by FSP so most likely they are high quality.


Corsair.You also could search for Enermax, Seasonic or BeQuiet

Seasonic. Corshair. Or NZXT I believe it's called? All 3 are the best. Look at the Build a Pc for $700/$1000/$1300 videos. You'll get a good idea of what is a quality PSU and what isn't. 

You're most likley going to be happy with whichever you choose. The only thing speaking for the Corsair is the fact that it has a single 12V rail meaning it's easier to determine exact load limits.

Overall I think people are too narrow-minded about powersupplies. While it is good to stick with products that are known for being good, it's on the same time kinda hilarious to first ignore one product and then suggest another one, when both are made by the same company.

This EVGA powersupply is made by FSP. FSP also makes powerupplies for NZXT, Thermaltake, Be Quiet! and Antec to name a few. There are a lot more good powersupplies to choose from than it sounds from some of the comments.

Just another example, Cooler Master isn't really mentioned much when talking powersupplies. Yet their Silent Pro X series is made by CWT, the same company that makes about half of Corsairs powersupplies.

In fact the only two companies I can think of now that really make their own powersupplies are Seasonic and Enermax.